4th ICGGAB Raises The Theme of Technology In Agroindustry

The ICGGAB is Held Online This Time and Using Virtual Stage Technology

Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya (FTP UB) held an annual international conference namely the International Conference on Green Agro-industry and Bioeconomy (ICGAB), Tuesday (25/8/2020).

This scientific meeting of researchers from within and outside the country has entered its fourth year of implementation. This year, the 4th ICGAB has the theme Emerging Technology and Integrated Information System for Sustainable Agroindustry.

The Chief Organizer of the 4th ICGAB 2020, Sri Suhartini, Ph.D explained that the theme of technology was deliberately raised as the topic of ICGAB this year because of the relation with the challenges faced in the era of digitalization and facing agroindustry 4.0, where mastering technology, innovation and information systems is a must and become important to achieve a smart and sustainable agroindustry.

“On the other hand, the sustainability of the agroindustry is also a challenge that must be faced by industries based on agricultural products, or also non-agricultural products. In addition, environmental balance must be maintained when carrying out economic or production activities, to achieve sustainable development goals; meeting the needs of the current generation, not reducing the fulfillment of future generations, “said Sri.

This, of course, can be achieved if the current generations work together to preserve the environment that provides current and future resources.

The implementation of ICGAB 2020 which was carried out through communication media, was enlivened by Virtual Stage System technology. This is a clear proof of the importance of innovation, technology and information systems in this all-digital era.

“Even though it is implemented virtually and online (using zoom media), the 4th ICGAB remains one of the favorite choices for researchers to share knowledge and experiences. In the ICGAB 2020, 226 abstracts were accepted for presentation, with participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines and South Korea. About 50 non-presenter participants who will join and attend this activity, “said the Dean of FTP Prof. Imam Santoso.

In the practice, all presentations are made using PPT video or PPT voice according to the schedule distributed, but participants are still required to participate in the activity from the beginning to the closing.

Another interesting thing from the implementation of the 2020 ICGAB is the presentation of the 12 best articles of students who participated in the Annual Regional Convention (ARC) scientific competition which was the result of a collaboration between the Malaysian Society of Agriculture and Food Engineers / MSAE and FTP-UB. Also, the opening of an international association, namely the International Association of Agro-based Engineering and Technology (IAAET), which was initiated by FTP-UB in collaboration with several university partners and research institutions from within and outside the country. (DSE / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)