The 42 Posters of PKM UB Have Been Evaluated

The Student Affairs Section of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held an evaluation of 42 posters which will be included in the 33rd National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS), Thursday-Friday (19 / 11-20 / 11/2020) at Samantha Krida UB.

In the activity, 42 posters displayed will be evaluated from a technical point of view such as coloring and image configuration.

One of the PKM supervisors, Mohammad Arief Nazaruddin, S.Sn., M.Ds., explained that there are several criteria that will be shown from posters, such as PKM-P tends to visualize descriptions or methods, PKM-M highlights the terms of product descriptions and partnerships then the visuals, and PKM-K emphasized the product on the poster.

Vice Rector III, Prof. Dr. Drs. Abdul Hakim, M.Si. said there are differences in the procedures for implementation this year and he hopes that UB can be better than the previous year.

“Before the pandemic, we printed our own posters, then we brought them to the venue and installed the product ourselves, but now we can’t. Since offline activities are not allowed this year, the products do not need to be displayed only posters. After this, products will be uploaded to the central committee on Saturday and Sunday to be competed at UGM. So, the posters will be printed at UGM, after that the jury will judge. I hope that the number of medals obtained by UB this year can be better than last year, “he said. [RHM / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir].