40 FCS UB Students Participated in the TOT of Assistance in the Promotion of Good Practices in the 2nd Diversity School Programme, Wargakarta Research Group

Wargakarta Research Group Training of Trainer
Wargakarta Research Group Training of Trainer

40 students of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) took part in the Training of Trainer (ToT) programme organized by the Wargakarta Research Group FCS UB, for the realization of the 2nd Diversity School Programme in the Bale Bagus Room, Ubud Hotel on Saturday-Sunday (3/4-5/2023).

On the first day, students were equipped with inclusive concepts as the basis for implementing the programme. On the following day, students were provided with technical matters related to their expertise in capturing and describing community good practices to be represented in language and promotional media.

In the opening ceremony, the head of the Wargakarta Study Group, Dr. Hipolitus K. Kewuel expressed his gratitude to the 40 students who were involved as volunteers in this programme.

“Your presence in this programme proves that you and the lecturers in the Wargakarta Team have a frequency in carrying out their duties as academicians who are not only active in class but are also present in the community to learn from them. So, enjoy this field learning opportunity,” said Dr. Hipo.

The Head of the 2nd Diversity School Programme, Dr. Sigit Prawoto, emphasized that this programme is concerned with promoting good practices in villages.

“Hopefully, this programme will serve as a contribution from campus to the society. Currently, almost all villages want to brand themselves. We need to be grateful because we are allowed to play a role in helping the village to promote their good practices,” he said.

Several FCS UB lecturers presented on this occasion as resource persons. A SPELLE lecturer, Irene Nany, M.Pd., presented her material on creative writing tips. Lecturer of SPFA, Mayang Anggrian, M.Pd., presented materials about photography to prepare the volunteers with insights about designing good promotional media.

Apart from that, the lecturers from the SPA and SPFA from the Wargakarta Study Group also provided an overview of the good practice promotion programme in the villages involved.

Nindyo Budi Kumoro, M.A., started the session by explaining the concept of inclusivity values. Franciscus Apriwan, M.A., gave material about skills as a facilitator. Irsyad Martyas, M.A., was more technical in assisting students in simulating assistance to residents in a good promotion training programme which is planned to be held on Saturday-Sunday (3/11-19/2023) in five villages.

Siti Zurinani, M.A., and Fatmawati, M.Sn., focused on preparing students to carry out a word-of-mouth process or mechanisms for disseminating media promotion of good practices to a wider audience.

Students carried out this task in coordination with the residents in their respective groups with agreed achievement targets. Students were divided into eight groups, each group guided by one of the Wargakarta Study Group core teams. In the villages, students served as facilitators.

Students were prepared to assist residents in producing good practice promotion media. First, students cooperated with the residents to evaluate photos of good practice activities that had been prepared beforehand. In this activity, residents were guided to sort which photos best fit the good practice theme, and which were the most appropriate to be featured in promotional media.

Next, students guide residents to make descriptions on photos. Students guided the discussion to determine or choose the possibility of promotional media to be used. Then, students and community group members coordinated the word-of-mouth process.

The villages assisted in this programme are Mangliawan Village with good practice of Water Conservation; Mojorejo Village with good practice of Awareness of Religious Harmony; Selorejo Village with good practice of Forest Conservation; Maduredo Village with good practice of Garbage Management, and Jambuwer Village with the good practice of Clean Village. [dts]