Three UB Fields of Science Placed at the Top University Ranking

Three fields of science at Brawijaya University (UB) are in the top position of the QS World University Ranking (WUR) for the 2023 period. The three fields of science said by the Chairman of UPT Reputation Adharul Mutaqien are Law and Legal Studies; Agriculture and Forestry; and Business and Management Studies.

“For the Law and Legal Studies this year it is ranked 301-350 and was still the same with the previous year; Agriculture and Foresty is in 251-300 position, higher than the last year which is 301-350; and Business and Management Studies which is still the same as last year at 451-500 position,” he said.

The FT lecturer added that there are several indicators involved in the assessment, namely Academic Reputation; Employer Reputation; Citation Paper, and H-Index Citation for this field.

The Chairman of UPT Reputation, Adharul Muttaqin, S.T., M.T.

“Academic and Employer Reputation assessments are based on surveys distributed to a number of people. The academic report related to academic surveys is assessed by several people in the same field, while Employer Reputation is a non-academic field survey distributed to a number of graduate users,” he said.

Meanwhile, paper citations are the number of citations for one paper.

“If a paper has high citations, it means that UB’s publication will be seen as very high quality and will become a reference,” he said.

Meanwhile, H Citation Index is the number of documents that have a certain number of citations.

“Publications are measured from the H Index which relates to the number of articles produced by the author and cited according to the specified index or number,” said the Electrical Engineering lecturer.

Adharul also said that other fields that have not yet emerged, do not mean they do not contribute to UB’s achievements, but their output is still unable to compete with other universities. In the future, it is hoped that there will be more research across departments and the quality of UB publications will increase [UB PR/ Trans. Iir]