27 FP Students Join the Student Outbond Program in Malaysia and Vietnam

As many as 27 delegations of international class students from the Agroecotechnology and Agribusiness Study Program ran the Student Outbound Program which is part of the International Student Mobility activities as the implementation of cooperation agreements in the academic field that have been initiated by the International Relations Office (IRO) FP. The activity aims to provide experience and insight for student delegates regarding the academic atmosphere abroad.

“During the pandemic, it was very unfortunate that this activity could not be carried out, just this year, Alhamdulillah, it was realized, and of course this academic collaboration activity will also continue in the following years by adding universities as an additional destination,” she said.

Dian added that the Student Outbound Program is also to support the Independent Learning, Independent Campus (MBKM) program by offering learning activities in the form of Student Exchange, Internship or Work Practice, and Research to students.

All participants in the International Student Mobility activity took part in a series of activities that had been prepared by the destination university which included in-class learning, field trips, laboratory visits, and campus tours. In this series of activities, the student delegations were given the opportunity to get to know the culture of each university destination country, which of course varies.

During the visit at UPM, the delegates were given the opportunity to visit the Malay Heritage Museum which presented a Traditional Malay Food Festival: Herbs and Spices in the Tradition of Malay Cuisine. The delegates at IIUM had the opportunity to visit Batik Village which is located in Kuantan, Pahang Province, Malaysia. During their visit, the delegates were able to get to know various types of typical batik from Malaysia which are certainly different from Indonesia. The delegation at TUAF, Vietnam also had the opportunity to visit the Vietnamese Culture and Ethnicity Museum as part of a cultural introduction. (zma/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)