5789 Participants Crowding the 2024 Brawijaya Career Expo

Photos of visitors crowding the Brawijaya Career Expo

A total of 5789 participants crowding the Samantha Krida Building to take part in Brawijaya Career Expo 2024, for two days (9/5-10/5/2024).

Director of the Career and Alumni Development Directorate, Karuniawan Puji Wicaksono, S.P., M.P., Ph.D. explained that this Brawijaya Career Expo was attended by 55 companies, banks and international institutions that provided educational scholarships.

“This activity, which was attended by participants from Malang, aims to accommodate job opportunities provided by companies from various disciplines at home and abroad.

Deputy Chair of the Alumni Association (IKA) IwanSuprijanto, S.T. M.T., FIDSK, IPU

Karuniawan Puji Wicaksono added, currently from the 10,000 UB Bachelor’s and D3 graduates, as many as 8,500 have got decent jobs with multiple salaries above the minimum range.

Deputy Chairman of the Alumni Family Association (IKA) Iwan Suprijanto, S.T. M.T., FIDSK, IPU, said that alumni who graduated from UB were different compared to other universities because when they graduated they not only received a diploma but were also equipped with a skills certificate.

Photo of VR III hitting the gong to mark the opening of the event

We make it easy to obtain certificates, for example through free and online training. We also encourage them to get expertise certificates from certification bodies such as BNSP certification at a low cost.

“And if it is held involving alumni, it could be a free certification,” said the Director General of Housing, Ministry of PUPR.

He added, there are very dynamic changes in the field and the younger generation must be ready to change, especially the ability to adapt to changes.

Photo of Deputy Chair of the Alumni Association (IKA) IwanSuprijanto, S.T. M.T., FIDSK, IPU, while visiting one of the stands

“Therefore, this is important and necessary for skills certification for college graduates,” he said.

In line with Iwan, Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Alumni and Student Entrepreneurship, Dr. Setiawan Noerdajasakti, SH., MH. adding that to improve the soft skill competencies of graduates, since college, UB has provided many student activity units or UKM.

“They study and gain knowledge in class to gain knowledge so they can achieve a high GPA. “Meanwhile, soft skills can be obtained by being active in various student organizations and student affairs units, which number almost 60. This is all to accommodate UB students after graduating so that they have provisions from hard skills to soft skills so that they are ready to enter society,” he said. . (OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).