25 New Specialist Doctors of FK UB are Ready to Serve

Dean of FK draped gordon to specialist doctor (photo by Anang FK)

The Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya inaugurated 25 new specialist doctors, Monday (30/5/2023), on the 2nd floor of FK Graha Medika Building.

At the inauguration, the Dean of FKUB, Dr. dr. Wisnu Barlianto, M.Si.Med, SpA(K), Vice Dean III dr. Eriko Prawestiningtyas, Sp.F, Vice Director of RSUD Dr. Saiful Anwar dr. Widodo Budi Prasetya, Head of Komkordik Dr. Badrul Munir, Sp.S (K), Head of the Department of Specialist & Sub-Specialist Medicine Dr. Dr. Seskoati Prayitnaningsih, Sp.M (K), Head of UB FK Alumni Association, dr. Aries Budianto, SpB, Subsp BD (K), as well as other invited guests.

The Dean of FK said that in addition to increasing professionalism, specialist knowledge, competence and technology, a doctor must uphold medical ethics in every aspect of patient care. There are 6 ethical principles that are universal in medical professional ethics, which are definitely known together, including the principle of respecting patient autonomy, the principle of honesty, the principle of no harm, the principle of benefit, the principle of confidentiality and the principle of fairness. The medical code of ethics is the foundation for every doctor to make ethical decisions in carrying out his professional duties as a doctor. If a doctor works according to medical ethics, it is hoped that the doctor will avoid various medical disputes.

“A doctor must have full responsibility for every case handled,” ordered this pediatrician. This moment is the first step to provide real service in the field to carry out the knowledge that has been obtained while being a specialist.

Alumni representative, Dr. Rakhmawati Diyana, Sp.KFR said she was grateful for their inauguration. “He said that it was not only the happiness of the family or the doctor concerned, but that this specialist title should not be forgotten was the trustworthiness,” he said. [sitirahma/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]