180 Door prizes Enliven UB Anniversary

In commemorating the 58th Anniversary, Universitas Brawijaya held an Open Meeting which was held online on Tuesday (5/1/2021). The event was also enlivened by drawing a door prize for the entire academic community of Universitas Brawijaya.
Different from the last year, the Anniversary this time was held online, but it did not diminish the essence and enthusiasm of the participants in participating in a series of events, one of them was a door prize drawing.
The number of prizes drawn was 180, with 71 grand prizes in the form of bicycles, 32 grand prizes in the form of electronic equipment and 5gr gold, 34 savings worth 500 thousand, 1 million, up to 2.5 million, and 43 other consolation prizes. Academics who get a door prize can take a prize at the 1st floor of the Rectorate Building.
Siti Marpuah, SH., MM. as the Head of Sub-Division for Procurement of UB, said that the technique of taking the prize is divided into three waves to avoid crowds and still pay attention to health protocols.
The first batch was opened on Wednesday (6/1/2021) for bicycle winners.
While the second batch was continued on Thursday (7/1/2021) for the recipients of the main prizes of electronic equipment and gold, and the consolation prize was taken on the last day, Friday (8/1/2021)
“We do not rule out the possibility for recipients to take the prize at any time, during those three days. As long as it doesn’t make a crowd and we still pay attention to health protocols, ”said Siti. (IKA / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).