16 Students of FT and NUS Singapore Visit Bumiaji Agro-tourism

A total of 16 students of Inbound National University of Singapore (NUS) visited the Crystal Guava Picking Tourism located in Bumiaji District, Batu City, Wednesday (5/17/2023).

Fieldtrip and Group Work activities led by Dr. Andi Sudjana Putra took place from 09.00 until the evening with the agenda of the introduction of transplant techniques, introduction to fertilizing techniques, crystal guava planting techniques and melon cultivation.

In his presentation, Rahmat Hadriyanto as the entrepreneur of Bumiaji agro -tourism explained the history of the beginning of agricultural products and strategies in the region. He said with the industrial technology he was developing today, he was able to produce five times faster than before.

“After I created my own packaging machine, the packing process was much faster up to 150 per hour,” Rahmat said.

In the question and answer session, various question responses began to be asked. Brandon, one of the inbound participants, was very enthusiastic about the opportunity for the tourist garden. How come with a capital of twenty million rupiah, the tourism of the guava fruit plantation can produce a financial round up to five hundred million rupiah.

The visit will be continued with a group work held at Blyz Cafe Bumiaji. Participants will discuss and share the experience gained after doing fieldtrip both in terms of economy, social and agricultural technology in Bumiaji agro -tourism.

According to Jamie, one of the National University of Singapore Student Assistant lecturers said that this activity was very beneficial for students in their country, because besides introducing Indonesian culture, according to him Nus students could increase socioeconomic knowledge as well as agricultural and industrial technology that developed in Indonesia.

“This inbound activity is the first to be organized by NUS together with UB, especially the Faculty of Engineering Department of Industrial Engineering and the plan will be scheduled in the future,” Jamie said.

Assistant lecturer from FT Dr. ES. Widha Kusumaningdyah, ST., MT. said at the end of the activity for a week, the participants would be asked to explain the Project Presentation after visiting Mount Bromo-Tengger-Semeru tourism.

Whida hopes that later Nus students will get a lot of knowledge and experience in the field for a week of activities with FT UB Industrial Engineering Team. (TRS/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).