141 UB New Doctors has Taken the Oath

One of achieved new doctors

A total of 141 graduates of the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Brawijaya (FK-UB) took the doctor’s oath, Thursday (11/08/2022), in Samantha Krida building. They are new doctors who graduated from July 6, 2022.

The Head of Medical Profession Study Program, FK-UB, dr. Dearisa Surya Yudhantara, Sp.KJ said that taking the doctor’s oath is an obligation for new doctors who will carry out their profession, and marks the completion of the educational process from the academic stage to the professional stage, so that they officially hold the title of doctor.

“These new doctors then still have to undergo an internship period in class B, C, and public health centers for one year,” said Dearisa.

In his speech, the Dean Dr. dr. Wisnu Barlianto, M.Si., Med.Sp.A(K) conveyed his pride to the new doctors who have made UB’s name proud through passing the Student Competency Test for Medical Education Program in the form of CBT and OSCE exams.

“You have successfully completed the study period of 5.5 years which is a long and full of struggles. Now is the time to apply all that you have gained to get directly involved in society. We hope that you can devote yourself professionally while maintaining the name of your alma mater,” said the Dean.

The Dean advised the graduates to become doctors who are trustworthy, virtuous, put the patient’s interests above personal interests, polite, competent, professional and tough in facing the increasingly tough challenges in the era of globalization.

141 UB New Doctors Take Oath

Meanwhile, Graduates Representative of New Doctors, dr. Gusti Rajendra Yoga Pratama, S.Ked expressed his gratitude to parents/guardians, lecturers/supervisors, and health workers who have provided knowledge and guided the study process.

“The expertise and experience that our teachers have has inspired and motivated us to keep learning. May Allah SWT make us doctors who can provide benefits to the community, nation, and country, and can go global with the achievements that we produce in the future, “concluded Gusti.

Also presented in this activity the Director of RSUD Dr. Saiful Anwar Malang Dr. dr. Kohar Hari Santoso, Sp.An.KIC.KAP, Head of Alumni Association of FK-UB Commissariat dr. Aries Budianto, Sp.B-KBD, and the leadership of FK-UB.

The following are the names of outstanding new medical graduates. Highest GPA: dr. Muhammad Ogan Islakhul Idham, S.Ked (3.95), dr. Nabilah Rohadatul Aisy, S.Ked (3.90), dr. Pasenggo Tripena Alviera, S.Ked (3.90), and dr. Shanine Reilinvia, S.Ked (3.90). The new doctors with the highest UKMPPD CBT scores in FK-UB are: dr. Pasenggo Tripena Alviera, S.Ked (89.5), dr. Muhammad Ogan Islakhul Idham, S.Ked (89.5), and Ruth Clarita Pradibdo, S.Ked (88.0). Meanwhile, the new doctors who get the highest UKMPPD OSCE score in FK-UB are: dr. Putu Sri Maharani Utami, S.Ked (94.82), dr. Novelina Gracea, S.Ked (92.04), and dr. Rivaldo Brahmantio Hardani, S.Ked (91.96). [Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]