15 Students with Disability Participate in PKKMABA UB, Crossing the Sea to Become Students  14 August

Yohannes Andri Bobola takes a photo with TNI General (ret) Andika Perkasa and his wife

As many as 15 new students with disabilities took part in PKKMABA (New Student Campus Life Introduction Program), Monday (14/8/2023). All of these students took part in the procession after the Opening Ceremony at Samantha Krida.

“For SMPD (Independent Selection of Persons with Disabilities) there are 12 people, from the National Selection (SNMP and SNBT) there are three people,” said Mahali, staff of the PLD Service (Disability Service Center) when contacted by PRASETYA Online.

Yohannes Andri Bobola, a new student of FILKOM Information Systems study program, is one of the disabled students who took part in the PKKMABA procession with thousands of other new students. Together with volunteers from PLD (Disability Service Center), he attended a motivational session delivered by General TNI (ret) Andika Perkasa.

He conveyed that he went to UB accompanied by his older sibling who has now returned to his hometown. He comes from Cancar Village, Flores. From his hometown, he took the overland route to Labuan Bajo. Arriving from Labuan Bajo then using a ship for one day and two nights to cross to Surabaya. Arriving in Surabaya he took a bus to Malang.

Meanwhile, during this PKKMABA, he was assisted by a friend from Flores to commute to and from campus. But then they will move to a dormitory on UB campus.

Andri’s motivation, as he is familiarly called, to study at UB is inseparable from UB’s recognition as an institution that cares for students with disabilities. “Because in Brawijaya, students with disabilities really pay attention, especially since Brawijaya is a big and good campus,” said Andri.

He believes he can achieve success in realizing his dream of becoming a programmer. His parents also fully supported his desire to go to college, “They entrusted me, the important thing is that you study well,” he said, imitating the message his parents conveyed. [sitirahma/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]