1379 UB Graduates Take Offline Graduation

UB Rector Prof. Widodo, S.Si.,M.Si.,Ph.D.Med.Sc While Conducting Graduation Procession. Foto oleh Rony Setiantoko

A total of 1379 graduates of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) attend the offline graduation or face to face in Samantha Krida building. The procession which was held at the Samantha Krida Building was divided into two waves, the first day Saturday (6/7/2022) as many as 743 graduates. While the second day Sunday (7/8/2022) as many as 636 graduates

Secretary of the Directorate of Administration and Academic Services Heri Prawoto Widodo, S.Sos., M.A.B said, this decision was taken by considering the level of Enforcement of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in East Java, as well as guided by the Rector’s Circular Number 7636/UN10/TU/2022 concerning Lectures for the Academic Year 2022/2023 are held offline/face-to-face learning (PTM) while still implementing health protocols.

“Based on the circular letter, and seeing the condition of the Covid-19 pandemic that has been controlled, as well as the almost complete achievement of vaccinations, UB has decided that the graduation will be conducted offline, although only 70 percent of the total capacity has participated, because this is still a transition period,” he said.

The offline graduation ceremony which was held by UB for the first time after the pandemic did not necessarily make health protocols forgotten.

Health team representative, dr. Fida Rahmayanti, MMRS., said that UB decision to hold the graduation offline must be based on input from several parties, especially for the implementation of the health protocol.

“The location for the graduation ceremony had previously been reviewed, such as ventilation and air circulation. The Samantha Krida building has good ventilation because the room is spacious, the roof is high, there are lots of windows and doors,” he said.

In addition, before entering the building there is an appeal to scan the barcode. According to him, the barcode scan must really be implemented and ensure that it is green, which means that at that time there was no COVID-19 confirmed.

In addition to preparing the room, dr. Fida advised people to keep their distance and wear masks.

One of the graduates, Alifah Davida, expressed her pleasure in attending the offline graduation after being delayed by two years.

“Actually, two years ago, I wanted to graduate but suddenly it was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so I had to take part in the online graduation. But the campus gave the option of postponing graduation, so I decided to postpone it so that I could attend the graduation offline,” said the student from Jombang.

While waiting for the moment to be able to take part in the graduation offline, this student majoring in Vocational Public Relations fills his time by becoming a student employee at the Public Relations UB Rectorate.

“I am very happy and grateful that in this offline moment of waiting for graduation I have gained work experience, as well as a sad consolation for the delayed graduation,” he concluded. (MITA & OKY/Humas Ub/ Trans. Iir).