Achieved Graduates: “Just Let It Flow”

Photo of Komang Agus Arta

The graduation ceremony for the XVth and XVIth periods took place on (18/5-19/5/2024). The best graduates Komang Agus Arta and Cesilia Natasya Nainggolan shared their experiences while studying at UB.

When met after graduation, Komang Agus Arta, who is familiarly called Gusta, admitted that he felt his heart pounding because he was the first to have his name called. However, Gusta is happy to be able to make his parents proud. Gusta, who comes from Singaraja, Bali, never thought he would be the best graduate. For him, just do it and maybe his fortune to get the title of best graduate of the 15th period.

Remembering when Gusta was studying, Gusta admitted that he experienced obstacles and challenges, such as when the first semester had to be done online, making him less able to grasp the material.

“In the beginning, because it was during the pandemic probably, when I entered in 2020, the challenge was that online lectures weren’t so good and you weren’t able to grasp the material,” said Gusta. In addition, the challenge encountered was that several courses were quite difficult for Gusta to understand.

In contrast to Gusta, Cesilia Natasya Nainggolan, an Informatics Engineering graduate, explained that the challenges and obstacles during her studies may come from her adaptation to learning at Informatics Engineering at Universitas Brawijaya considering that she comes from Jayapura.

Photo of Cesilia Natasya Nainggolan

“Actually, I also don’t have an IT background, when I was in high school I mainly focused on mathematics at first. Meeting friends in Java who have Advance experience, it was difficult at first to equate learning perceptions with them,” said Cesilia. Furthermore, Cesilia admitted that she had to adapt more to Malang City, which is quite different from her hometown.

With the various challenges and obstacles she experienced, she received a lot of support from overseas friends to share their knowledge.

According to Cesilia, the church community together with local residents helped her adapt to Malang. Therefore, for Cesilia, the city of Malang is a friendly and warm city for migrants like herself.

Regarding Tips and Tricks in lectures from the best graduates, Gusta said that according to him, the most important thing is recognizing your own abilities, having the courage to develop your learning and appreciating every step. For Cesilia, the important thing is to always give the best with creativity and innovation so that it becomes added value to yourself.

In the future, Gusta and Cesilia hope for the same future. Gusta and Cesilia hope to study abroad in the future.

“I plan to focus on Masters abroad, the lecturers also motivate me a lot to continue. Then FILKOM will definitely be proud and especially if we can build collaborations with foreign universities,” said Cesilia.

Even though they have dreams of continuing their studies abroad, Gusta and Cesilia still Let It Flow, and if fate determines that they work first, they don’t mind. (Hilya&Dea&ROM/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).