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First Indonesia Drone Competition College Levels Held at KMB 2018!

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Mechanical Engineering Student Association (HMM) FT-UB managed to hold the first FPV Drone Race college level in Indonesia in a series of Brawijaya Mechanical Creativity (KMB) activities in 2018.

It is not strange when we hear the word Brawijaya Mechanical Creativity or often abbreviated as KMB, because this activity has been successfully held by the HMM FT-UB since 2000. This time, the annual event held a series of activities from Brawijaya Copter Competition, Scientific Writing Competition, National Seminar, Free Oil Service, and of course closed with a pretty festive closing.

"There are a number of differences in KMB this year with the previous year, in the series of the Brawijaya Copter Competition we held a new mission, that is FPV Drone Race where this mission is the only college drone race competition in Indonesia," explained Aditya Bagus, as event coordinator of the KMB 2018.

Fakultas Peternakan UB Tuan Rumah Konggres XII ISPI 2018

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Fakultas Peternakan Universitas Brawijaya (Fapet UB) sebagai anggota Ikatan Sarjana Peternakan Indonesia (ISPI) berkesempatan menjadi tuan rumah konggres XII ISPI tahun 2018. Bertempat di ruang auditorium lt.8 gedung V Fapet UB, kegiatan tersebut dihadiri oleh pengurus dan anggota ISPI yang berkarir di bidang peternakan baik pemerintahan maupun swasta.

Kegiatan yang berlangsung selama tiga hari, yakni Kamis – Sabtu (6/12-8/12/2018) ini dibuka secara resmi oleh Rektor UB, Prof. Nuhfil Hanani dengan didampingi Prof. Suyadi (Dekan Fapet UB) dan Prof. Ali Agus (Ketua Pengurus Besar ISPI). Sebelum memukul gong sebagai tanda pembukaan acara, Rektor mengatakan bahwa kegiatan ini merupakan salah satu kontribusi Fapet UB sebagai akademisi pendidikan untuk memajukan peternakan Indonesia.

PWK Student Elected as The Nimas Madiun Tourism Ambassador 2018

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Ike Karwinto Putri
Ike Karwinto Putri
The Kangmas Nimas Madiun District election event reached its peak on November 17, 2018. Located in Ronggo Djoemen Hall, Mejayan, Madiun Regency, Ike Karwinto Putri, class 2014 student from the Urban & Regional Planning (PWK) Department manage to go through the grand final with a total of 10 nimas and 10 kangmas finalists.

Together with a total of 163 registrants, Ike also went trough a series of tests including written, interviews, and aptitude tests. The tests conducted began with written tests which included testing how far the general and academic knowledge of the registrant. The interview test is a follow-up test after the written test that hones skills in the fields of English, general knowledge, and tourism.

The last test is the aptitude test, it requires the registrant to present the talents either dancing, singing, reading poetry, or becoming a host. Different things presented by Ike, students who are taking this Final Project to show her public speaking talent about tourism in Madiun Regency with the concept of community best tourism.

1,470 votes from the Faculty of Engineering for Brawijaya in PEMIRA 2019

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1,470 engineering students took part in the selection of UB student (PEMIRA) 2019.
1,470 engineering students took part in the selection of UB student (PEMIRA) 2019.
Two polling stations (TPS) installed at the Faculty of Engineering, 1,470 engineering students took part in the selection of UB student (PEMIRA) 2019.

Still the same as the previous year, PEMIRA 2019 still use the same system of e-vote. In the Faculty of Engineering to succeed the activities, the polling station (TPS) was divided into 2 places for TPS 24 in Lecture Room 1.5 Mechanical Engineering Building III to accommodate the voices of the Department of Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial Engineering, and TPS 25 which took place in the lobby of the 1st floor of the Dean Building for Civil Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Urban&Regional Planning, Architect, and Chemical Engineering Departement with each polling station contains 3 voting booths.

Preparation of PEMIRA 2019 has been prepared quite well both from each Faculty that prepares the e-vote system and its equipment as well as from the students whose each polling station is supervised by the PEMIRA 2019 committee and is assisted by a local committee (PANLOK) consisting of 23 Engineering students in assisting the implementation of PEMIRA especially the voter data verification section. However, this still cannot repress the enthusiasm of Brawijaya students in this PEMIRA. "Because the central server had been down, so the initial election time until 16.00 was extended to 18.00" explained Putu, as the coordinator of the local committee in Faculty of Engineering.

By carrying a Student Identity Card (KTM), brawijaya students are given 60 seconds to choose UB Student Executive and his candidates and UB Student Representative Council. However, before that, it is necessary to verify voter data first by the committee in charge. Until the end of the voting time, the total votes that came from the two polling stations in the Faculty of Engineering were 1,470 votes and the vote counting process would take place after the next few hours.

"Anyone who is elected will hopefully remain in accordance with the initial intention when he enrolled himself in PEMIRA and specifically for candidates from Faculty of Engineering, hopefully the principle of Faculty of Engineering for Brawijaya' will also be maintained and not forget his house, the Faculty of Engineering," Hariyono hoped, as Coordinator student executive board Faculty of Engineering UB. (kik/Humas UB)



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BaSIC 2019
BaSIC 2019
The Basic Science International Conference (BaSIC) merupakan seminar internasional yang diadakan setiap tahun oleh Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam UB.  Tahun depan, merupakan pelaksanaan yang ke-9, yang diadakan pada 20-21 Maret 2019. Acara ini bertempat di gedung MIPA Center, FMIPA UB.

Pada konferensi internasional BaSIC 2019 ini, semua full paper yang terseleksi akan dipublikasikan pada jurnal dan prosiding yang bereputasi internasional dan terindeks Scopus atau jurnal nasional yang terakreditasi.