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UB Graduated 1.101 Graduates

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In Samantha Krida Building Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Saturday (8/1), convened a procession of  second period Graduation in year academic 2004/2005. In the period, number of graduates reached 1.101 people with details postgraduate program of 126 people that include doctoral program 13 people, magister program 109 people and Specialist I Doctor program of 4 people. While the bachelor program of 804 graduates and diplom III of 171 people, including Faculty of Law (38 people), Faculty of Economics (90 people), Faculty of Administrative Science (181 people), Faculty of Agriculture (213 people), Faculty of Animal Husbandry (59 people), Faculty of Engineering (211 people), Faculty of Fisheries (56 people), Faculty of Basic Sciences (67 people), and faculty of Agricultural Technology (60 people).

Prof. Ir. Soemarjo Passed Away, UB Lost A Professor of Plant Breeding

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Academics civitas of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Grieve. The only one Professor on Plant Breeding he has, Prof. Ir. Soemarjo Poespodarsono, M.Agr.Sc, Wednesday evening passed away in his residence Jl. Watu Gong 36. A professor who is familiar with his students live UB forever since disease complication he suffered till recent. Former Agriculture Dean periods of 1982-1985, before buried in public funeral of Kasin, Malang, firstly staying at rectorate building. He got the las tribute from the academics civitas of UB.

Passed Away: Prof. Soemarjo Poespodarsono

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Prof. Ir. Soemarjo Poespodarsono, M.Agr.Sc (was born in Tanggul, Jember, 10 May 1938), an emeritus professor on Plant Breeding at agriculture department, Wednesday (5/1) evening, passed away at 67 years old. The deceased previously has treated due to kidney failure so it takes hemodialisis twice a week. Thursday (6/1), the deceased departed from the funeral home in Watugong street 36, stayed for a while at rectorate lobby to chance the academics civitas deliver their last tribute and released by Rector Unibraw Prof. Bambang Guritno along with his colleagues, and then brought in the procession to be buried in public funeral of Kasin, Malang.

An Oath Doctors the Period of January

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As many as ten new doctors graduated from judicium in 9 December 2004, on Thursday (6/1) taken oaths n biomedical building Medical Faculty Universitas Brawijaya. Compulsory ceremony that attended by the faculty leaders, head of local general hospital Dr. Saiful Anwar, and family of doctors who are sworn. Until today the number of doctors who graduated are 2807 and distributed throughout a region in the country.

Balloons With Prizes of Dies Natalies is Successfully Found

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Balloons with prizes flown on Wednesday (5/1) in framework of the 42nd dies natalies Universitas Brawijaya, finally found. Its founder is Mat Sukri (39 years), the citizen of Gedangan Kulon, Gedangan Village, Gedangan sub-district, Malang District. The father of two daughters who daily farming with sideline as towing biker has found the balloon in the area of rice field on the the day balloons are flown. Watched by ceremony section of dies committee Drs. Umar Usman, Mat Sukri won cash money of Rp. 1 million which directly given by the treasurer of dies natalies  committee/head of finance division Imam Syafi'ie, SE, MM. A husband of ex Hongkong female labor said the money will be used for his children's tuition fee who still sit n the second class of Gedangan elementary school. [translated by denok]