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Higher Educations in Malang Area Selects Students With Achievements

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Higher Educations in Greater Malang are very aware to community education. Yesterday, four higher educations committed to assist Senior High School students with achievement in the area. The four higher educations were Merdeka University, University of Brawijaya, Muhammadiyah University of Malang and Widyagama University.

University of Brawijaya will help the students in the field of arts and culture, Merdeka University with Business Economy and Entrepreneurship, Muhammadiyah University of Malang in the field of Science and Technology, meanwhile Widyagama University in the field of sports.

Life Management Training

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Regional, global dynamics and also strategic domestic environment has created many problems, challenges and opportunities for Indonesia agricultural sector. Departing with the aim of forming and increasing self-concept and critical attitude, logical and systematic among academics especially students and community in general, agro-social economy Department held a training of "Life Management Planning Future". A training convened at Ruang Kuliah Bersama on Januari 9th, 2005 was entitled "Self-Concept for Preparing the Future".

A Training of Entrepreneurship and Business Application

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In the days after monetary crisis afflicted, Indonesian agriculture increasingly plunged. The more imported agricultural products that enter Indonesia. On the other side, it is advantageous since the prices offered are cheaper, yet we have lost due to our local products cannot compete in the market. Entrepreneurship and Business Application training that is a series of "The 2005 Agriculture Highlights", being held by student executive Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Brawijaya (FP-UB).

An event entitled Growing Entrepreneurial Skill in Agricultural Field will be held on January 8th-9th, 2005 at PPI Building of Universitas Brawijaya, was attended by investors, agriculture students and related entities.

The 2005 T-Ronk by Himadata

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Regeneration is a process that is regarded as turning point for future of organization sustainability. In addition, existence of the members need to be provided with organization insight and leadership skill so that they are able to realize a great, strong and professional organization. This was the background for "Himpunan Mahasiswa Budidaya Pertanian (Himadata) to organize an event called "The 2005 T-Ronk Himadata". T-Ronk stands for Training Keorganisasian dan Kepemimpinan (Organization and Leadership) with the theme of "Shaping Himadata Generations with organization and Leadership Skill".