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Workshop Penulisan Jurnal Internasional dan Strategi Pengelolaan Laboratorium Riset

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Badan Pengelola Jurnal, Fakultas Ilmu Komputer, Universitas Brawijaya (BPJ FILKOM UB) menyelenggarakan kegiatan Workshop Penulisan Jurnal Internasional dan Strategi Pengelolaan Laboratorium Riset di Ruang Multimedia Gedung F Lantai 12 Senin (18/3/2019). Disampaikan oleh Dr. Eng. Ahmad Afif Supianto, S.Si.,M.Kom. selaku ketua pelaksana workshop tujuan dari kegiatan ini adalah untuk memberikan pemahaman karakteristik jurnal internasional, meningkatkan kemampuan mahasiswa S2 dan dosen FILKOM dalam menulis artikel ilmiah, serta meningkatkan kualitas pengelolaan laboratorium riset untuk mendukung peningkatan penulisan artikel ilmiah dalam jurnal internasional.

Workshop Penulisan Jurnal Internasional
Workshop Penulisan Jurnal Internasional
Adapun narasumber yang dihadirkan dalam kesempatan tersebut adalah Prof. Dr. Eng. Wisnu Jatmiko. Dia adalah pakar di bidang penulisan artikel ilmiah internasional dan handal dalam pengelolaan penelitian.

Dalam workshop tersebut pemberian materi dibagi dalam dua sesi. Sesi pertama diisi dengan workshop penulisan jurnal interansional dan sesi kedua membahas tentang strategi pengelolaan laboratorium riset. Dalam sesi pertama Prof. Wisnu menyampaikan beberapa hal penting, antara lain tentang cara meningkatkan jumlah penelitian ilmiah, etika dalam penulisan publikasi jurnal dan juga tentang bagaimana menyikapi hasil review.

UB Adakan Simulasi UTBK Bagi Pengawas dan PJR

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Simulation of UTBK for Supervisor and Perosn In Charge of The Room
Simulation of UTBK for Supervisor and Perosn In Charge of The Room
The Bureau of Academic and Student Affairs (BAK) in collaboration with the Technical Services Unit for Information and Communication Technology (UPTIIK) UB held a Computer Based Writing Exam (UTBK) simulation in the Computer Lab's Room 4thfloor on  March 19 to 21 2019.

In this simulation, team of UPTIIK provides technical explanations regarding the implementation of UTBK and computer use for supervisor exam and Person In Charge of The Room , such as inputting presence data participant, providing information regarding table numbering, and giving tokens.

Not only that, the participants also simulated UTBK. In the UTBK simulation, each group of Saintek and Soshum exams will be divided in four subtests. While the allocation of processing time for each sub-test is 20 minutes.

Examiners can jump in working a test that still in one subtest and cannot work on the previous subtest.

Visit of TK ABA 16 to Rumah Pintar

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Students TK ABA 16 Malang
Students TK ABA 16 Malang
Rumah Pintar, which is part of the UB Library, received a visit from cute kids from TK Aisyiyah Bustanul Athfal (ABA) 16 Malang. This visit is an outbound program aims to improve children's reading interest at an early age and introduce the functions and contents of Rumah Pintar to students.

In the first session, children were invited to watch educational videos. The children seemed enthusiastic listening throughout the video playback. Even when Rumah Pintar's officers namely Mrs. Sri Pur and Mrs. Tatik asked questions and asked the children to sing in front, they raised their hands simultaneously.

This event continued with the second session, which was making ice cream from mushrooms. The students were more enthusiastic because all were given the opportunity to stir the dough using a mixer, of course, still accompanied by teachers and Rumah Pintar's officers. In addition to delicious ice mushrooms also contain good nutrition for the body. Not only were they taught how to make it, children could taste their ice cream.

The last activity is reading books and playing in the reading room. Rumah Pintar also available interesting children's books and some children's toys. [Ihwan/Humas UB]