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UB is Trusted to Become the Secretariat of ASEAN-Japan Entrepreneurship Education

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Dr. Lilik Setyobudi presented the implementation of COBLAS in UB
Dr. Lilik Setyobudi presented the implementation of COBLAS in UB
Universitas Brawijaya (UB) is trusted to be the secretariat of ASEAN-Japan Entrepreneurship Education. This is a result from the activity of ASEAN Common Curriculum Annual Seminar 2011 held in Manila, Filipinos for two days (26-27/10). The Head of Business Services Center and Community Services (PIBLAM) UB, Dr. Lilik Setyobudi had an opportunity to attend that activity and became a delegation of university representative from Indonesia. "UB is the only university that attends that event," she said when interviewed by PRASETYA Online (31/10). ASEAN-Japan Entrepreneurship Education is an ASEAN Entrepreneurship Education Association Network which affiliates with organizations of ASEAN countries. In its activities, it will collaborate with ASEAN SMEs associations that have been ratified on June 2011.

ASEAN Common Curriculum for Entrepreneneurship in ASEAN was held in 2010 by Asia Science and Education for Economic Development Institute (AsiaSEED). In this second year, the seminar which is supported by Japan ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) and ASEAN SME Agencies Working Group (SMEWG) seeks to disseminate the results of ASEAN Common Curriculum Project and implement entrepreneurship programs in ASEAN countries. One of the presented programs through this meeting is COBLAS approach (Consultant Based Learning for ASEAN SMEs) which is initiated by Dr. Takeru Ohe, a professor at the Graduate School of Commerce, University of Waseda. COBLAS seeks to build networks between Academician, Business and Government (ABG) in pursuit of sustainability entrepreneurship. Colleges are required to contribute science, technology and art that have been developed in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in each region. In addition, universities are also required to develop entrepreneurship education tailored to local wisdom. Since 2003, COBLAS program has been initiated in various univiersities around ASEAN, starting from Mae Fah Luang University Thailand (2003), National University of Management Cambodia (2004), Faculty of Economics and Business University Kebangsaan Malaysia (2006), UB (2008 ) and University of Puthisastra Cambodia (2009).

Experiences of each university in running COBLAS program was presented in that seminar. Dr. Lilik Setyobudi presented about "Towards Efficient and Effective Utilization of Entrepreneursip Education Program and Common Curriculum Among ASEAN - A proposal of ASEAN-Japan Association of Entrepreneurship Education". [nok/ps2]

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