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Social Service of Universitas Brawijaya to Bocek, Karangploso

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Submit by humas3 on October 31, 2011 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 10341

The residents of Bocek received staple foods in UB social Service 2011
The residents of Bocek received staple foods in UB social Service 2011
In order to commemorate the 2011 Youth Pledge Day, on Sunday (30/10) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held a social service in the form of staple foods (sembako) distribution, free medical treatment, health education and also law consultancy for the citizens of Bocek Village, Supit Urang Dusun, Karangploso District, Malang Regency.

The event which is one of the activities of community service by young lecturers of UB  is held in collaboration with the Government of Malang Regency, Bank Mandiri, BTN and BNI 46 and also supported by the Sub-Precinct police office (Polsek) and Army Strategic Reserve Command  (Kostrad) of Karangploso Malang.

Present in that activity, they are the Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Yogi Sugito; The Head of Bapsi, Dra. Ristika, MM.; the Head of BAU, Dra. Ernani Kusdiantina, MM and Ronny Ismaya representation from Bank Mandiri. While the representatives from the Regional Consultative Council (Muspida) of Malang Regency are the district chief (Camat)of Karangploso, Suroso; the Head of Department of Forestry Karangploso, the Head of Sub-Precinct police office and also the Head of Kostrad Karangploso Malang.

In his speech, dr. Panji Sananta who was also the head of the committee of UB Social Service 2011 said  thanks to all parties that took part to support the implementation of this social service such as the ranks of UB rector, Malang regency, the ranks of Police and Kostrad of Karangploso, Bank Mandiri, BNI and BTN, and also thanked to Bocek residents who welcomed this social service. Panji hoped that the social service like this will become a regular and continuous activity since this activity has great benefits for the community, especially the poor rural.

According to Suroso who is also the District Chief of Karangploso, in his speech he mentioned that the population of Supit Urang dusun residents was about 7932 people or 657 households, while for Bocek village’s population was about 210 households in which most of the citizens still classified in as disadvantaged communities. So, according to him, it was very appropriate if social service by UB and Bank Mandiri which was conducted in Bocek village that needed help.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Ir. Yogi Sugito, explained in his speech that this social service was one of the real form of devotion from university to the community. Yogi hoped this activity could be beneficial to the Malang community especially the residents of Bocek Village and surrounding communities and in the future he hoped that there would be some UB’s students who came from the village of Bocek; because basically UB is an university that cares so much to the community, therefore there are a lot of facilities help and programs that pro- in poor communities that can be either in use by the public. [ron/ps2]


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