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FT Ready to Hold KKM XLI

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rapat KKM
rapat KKM
Towards the implementation of the XLI Student Work Camp (KKM), the Vice Dean for Student Affairs (WD III) held the last coordination meeting on Tuesday (8/Jan/2018). The 2018/2019 New Student Community Service will be held in Ketindan Village, Lawang District, Malang Regency on the upcoming 14-17 January 2018.

This morning, the executive committee explained the details of the activity before Dr. Eng. Denny Widhiyanuriyawan, ST., MT., as WD III and the accompanying committee consisting of representatives from student associations, lecturers, and employees.

Joshua Putra S, as the Chairperson of the 41st KKM from the student element, explained that the committee had prepared the infrastructure there. "For the land, it is ready, for the need for clean water and toilets, construction has already begun, and for the electricity needs, the faculties will assist and it will be installed on Sunday," said the 2016 Mechanical Engineering student reported.

Joshua also reported that there were about 900 new students taking part in this activity. In preparation for this XLI KKM Joshua also reported that in addition to the committee from FT-UB it also involved the local community.

rapat KKM XLI
rapat KKM XLI
"So we can observe whats' the needs of the community are so that we can adjust the projects so it will match the community needs," he said.

Meanwhile Dr.Eng. Denny wants each coordinator to look at the location today (8/Jan/2019) after the meeting. "Make sure all the material is ready. Look at the existing situation and adjust it to the scenario that has been prepared, adjust it well, so that when Monday comes everything is ready," said the Mechanical Engineering Lecturer.

rapat KKM XLI 1
rapat KKM XLI 1
KKM is a tradition of FT-UB which divided into two parts, namely community service carried out by female new students and the KKM project carried out by male students.

Community service is a social activity that is intended for the surrounding community which includes skills honing, counseling, and teaching activities. While the freshmen and male committee will implement four projects; paving blocks, public street lighting (PJU), drainage, and bridge railings. (mic)


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