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The Education Attache of the Libya Embassy in Indonesia Visits Brawijaya University

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Educational attache of Libya, Abdelnasser O. Ali (the middle) visits UB
Educational attache of Libya, Abdelnasser O. Ali (the middle) visits UB
The Education Attache for the Libya Embassy in Indonesia and Malaysia, Abdelnaser O. Ali visited Brawijaya University on Thursday (29/Nov/2019). The visit that is intended to foster good relations with Brawijaya University was received by Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR, M.S in his office. Also received this visit, Vice Rector IV on Planning and Cooperation Affairs Dr. Ir. Sasmito Djati, M.S. as well as Chairman of International Office (IO) Prof. Dr. Ir. Ifar Subagyo, M.Agr.St.

Currently around 25 Libyan students are active at college, both using scholarships and own fees. Since 2009, it is recorded around 159 students from the country located in Maghreb area of North Africa have accomplished their study both undergraduate and postgraduate program at Brawijaya University.

As delivered by a Libyan student, Abdulsamea M.H.A. Hussen, the educational attache has responsibilities such as taking care of the needs of Libyan citizens who currently studying in Indonesia including visa issues.

In a meeting with Rector, Abdelnaser O. Ali appreciated cooperation that has been built with Brawijaya University during the time. He also welcomed the presence of Brawijaya Smart School (BSS) that accommodates Libyan School, that is a school for Libyan students' children who are studying at Brawijaya University at the moment.

Abdelnaser O. Ali strives to be able to increase numbers of Libya students to study in Indonesia. Around 70 Libyan students are currently studying in different Indonesian campuses. Later, the scholarship grantees are mandatory to return to Libya upon their study. While they who go to college with their own fees free to determine career upon their study. A Libyan student who is currently studying at Doctoral Program in Accounting Science, Abdurahman Kalifa, once delivered that he wants to stay and have a job in Indonesia. As according to him, developing profession in Indonesia also has strategic roles in building good relations between Libya and Indonesia. [Denok/Humas Ub/trans. Denok]






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