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Tendik Award 2018, a form of FISIP's Appreciation to Administration Staff

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a Tendik Award FISIP UB 2018 winner, Sigid Krisdianto
a Tendik Award FISIP UB 2018 winner, Sigid Krisdianto
Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University (FISIP UB) as a faculty who strive to provide the best services to its stakeholders organized an event so-called Tendik Award FISIP UB 2018. The event aimed at appreciating administration staff's achievements.

Tendik Award FISIP UB 2018 is a working program of Public Relations Division at PSIK (The Centre of Information Systems, Information Technology and Public Relations). Currently, there are three categories within including outstanding Administration Staff, The most Favourite Administration Staff as well as the most favourite supporting staff.

The first, outstanding administration staff is selected via assessment of each superintendent including skills, moral and behaviours, as well as creativity and innovation. Besides, administraton staffs also get their score from staffing data such as working period, education, work performance as well as disciplines and attendance aspects.

The second, the most favourite administration staff is selected from voting at Instagram fisip_ub.

The third, the most favourite supporting staff is selected via google form voting by students. The current year Tendik Award assessment had carried out from August until November 2018.

The selected administration staff in three categories was announced in 2018 Principal Meeting. The result is, the selected administration staffs for three categories are Sigit Krisdianto (Academic) as outstanding administration staff, Budiono (Political Science) as the most favourite administration staff, as well as Zainal Abidin (canteen janitor) as the most favourite supporting staff. The three achieve the award from Dean of Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University.

"Hopefully, the event can foster work motivation, as well as achievement and exemplary of the administration staff to realize Faculty of Social and Political Science as the faculty who provides service excellent or the best services," said Unti Ludigdo, as the Dean. [04/Fariza/Humas FISIP/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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