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PWK Student Elected as The Nimas Madiun Tourism Ambassador 2018

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Ike Karwinto Putri
Ike Karwinto Putri
The Kangmas Nimas Madiun District election event reached its peak on November 17, 2018. Located in Ronggo Djoemen Hall, Mejayan, Madiun Regency, Ike Karwinto Putri, class 2014 student from the Urban & Regional Planning (PWK) Department manage to go through the grand final with a total of 10 nimas and 10 kangmas finalists.

Together with a total of 163 registrants, Ike also went trough a series of tests including written, interviews, and aptitude tests. The tests conducted began with written tests which included testing how far the general and academic knowledge of the registrant. The interview test is a follow-up test after the written test that hones skills in the fields of English, general knowledge, and tourism.

The last test is the aptitude test, it requires the registrant to present the talents either dancing, singing, reading poetry, or becoming a host. Different things presented by Ike, students who are taking this Final Project to show her public speaking talent about tourism in Madiun Regency with the concept of community best tourism.
Ten pairs of kangmas nimas were selected in the grand final round and must answer questions from the jury that consists of the Chairperson of the East Java Miss Indonesia Association Alumni, the Madiun Regency Tourism Office, the Head of Tourism Awareness Group, and the previous Kangmas Nimas. Of the ten pairs chosen to be the top five grand finalists who received further questions. From the assessment for 3 quarantine days starting on November 15, 2018, until the grand final, Ike was chosen as Nimas and Syuhud Alfadol from SMAN 1 Mejayan to become Kangmas of Madiun Regency in 2018.

pwk nimas (9)
pwk nimas (9)
"Our main task to become Kangmas and Nimas Madiun is to promote tourism in Madiun Regency. Madiun Tourism which can be a recommendation including Kampung Pesilat, there is a silat hermitage which can be used as a recommendation to learn martial arts. In addition, there is Watu Rumpuk, a hill that has been transformed into a fun photo spot, this spot has received East Java tourism gifts. What's more are Nongko Ijo, beautiful pine forest, Kresek Monument (G30-S PKI monument), and Grape Tourism which are well suited for outbound," said this sweet friendly girl.

This Madiun native student is also in the final assignment which is also themed in tourism, the student who's guided by Gunawan Prajitno and Nindya Sari will take on the task as Nimas until November 2019. The award was given directly by the Wife of Madiun Regent, Penta Lianawati, SE, M.Sc. (AA/mic)


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