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Dissertation Exam of Adi Pramono Hendrata at Faculty of Medicine

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Adi Pramono Hendrata
Adi Pramono Hendrata
Atherosclerosis is a systemic inflammation of the arteries marked with inflammatory cell formation as well as plaque formation. Inflammation is happened due to oxidized LDL exposure in sub endothelium and hidden molecules exposure towards macrophages. Continuous inflammation causes macrophages to secrete proteases and pro inflammation IL-6 and IL-7 citokyne, as well as polarization of naïve T cell to Th17 direction, the longer the size of the plaque grows and weaken the plaque stability. The key for termination of the inflammatory process is in efferocytosis step.  Andrographis Paniculata takes roles as acti inflammation, anti-oxidant, anti-hypertension, and decrease in blood fat levels, as well as anti-diabetic is currently researched whether it has effect to increase efferocytosis. Efferocytosis process is expected can be optimized so as there is no hidden molecules exposure and inflammatory process can be pressed.This is the background in open dissertation exam of dr. Adi Pramono Hendrata, SpPK took place at auditorium R.601 building A educational centre of Faculty of Medicine on Wednesday (5/Dec/2018). The tested dissertation titled "The Impact of Andrographis Paniculata towards Capabilities of Macrophages Efferocytosis and Treg-Th17 activities in Mice with Atherogenic Treatment".

In his research, Adi uses animal model of Spraque dawley mice and proving whether Andrographis paniculata can increase efferocytosis. Efferocytosis capability is measured by calculating the ratio between apoptotic cell (DNA fragmentation) inside and outside macrophages cell and the research also proves whether there is a correlation between giving Andrographics paniculata ethanol extract in Sprague Dawley mice with the increasing ratio of Treg/Th17 cell number and levels of TGF-β, IL-17, IL-6 in plasm. From his research conclusions, it is known that giving Andrographis paniculata ethanol extract can increase effericytosis capability and increasing ratio of Treg/Th17 blood cell, but there is no impact on TGF-β, IL-10, IL-17 and IL-6 plasm cytokine.

Examiner and Promotor Board involved in the dissertation examination are Prof. Dr. dr. Kusworini, M.Kes., SpPK (Promotor), Prof. Dr. dr Handono Kalim, SpPD-KR (co-Promotor), Prof. Dr. dr. Loeki Enggar Fitri, M.Kes., SpPark (co-Promotor), dan tim penguji Prof. dr. M. Aris Widodo, MS., SpFK., Ph.D, Dr. Titin Andri Wihastuti, S.K.p., M.Kes, Prof. Dr. Jusak Nugraha dr., MS., Sp.PK(K).

Dr. Adi Pramono Hendrata, SpPK who was born in Surabaya in 22 Octorber 1964 achieved doctorate degree at Faculty of Medicine Brawijaya University Malang, as well as Mandatory Military Commissioned Officer School 1991 at Military Academy. He was also graduated from clinical pathology specialist doctor education at Faculty of Medicine Airlangga University Surabaya. He once also served as Dantokes in 1991-1994 at battalion III Marines, Chairman of Community Health Centre in 1994-1999 in Driyorejo Gresik, Chairman of Clinical Pathology in 2003-2006 at Regional Public Hospital of Bangkalan and currently. He is also a lecturer in clinical pathology (Extraordinary) at Faculty of Medicine Widya Mandala Catholic University since 2011 until current and been serving as Sectional Head of Clinical Laboratory and Health Test at Big Hall of Health Laboratory Surabaya since 2006 until now. He married with dr. Inna Widjajanti, MH and blessed with two children, Thei Wiranadi Hendrata, ST and Theresa Puspanadi Hendrata. [Rina/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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