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Brawijaya University Collaborate With UCM Spain

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UB's team along with Margarita from Faculty of Philology UCM
UB's team along with Margarita from Faculty of Philology UCM
Ad Hoc team of UB's ranking acceleration had a work visit to Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) in Madrid, Spain.

The team led by Dr.rer.pol. M. Faishal Aminuddin (Faculty of Social and Political Science) with members Dr.rer.pol. Romy Hermawan (Faculty of Administrative Science), Dr. Rosihan Asmara and Hagus Tarno, D.Sc (Faculty of Agriculture) accepted by Director of International Collaboration Affairs UCM, Juan Carlos Izquierdo on Friday (16/Nov/2018) in the Moncloa Campus Area, UCM's main campus. The activities are including some agendas like introduction between Brawijaya University and UCM for a benchmarking on campus management with a number of students above 50,000 and exchange information about excellent research and identification towards different academic collaboration potentials.

UCM is one of the oldest campus in the world established in 1293. Its academic profile and reputation have produced 7 Nobel Laureates. With 48 research centers of different scientific areas, UCM is recorded to have prominent world ranking in areas of Medicine (general practice, dentistry, veterinary), arts and humanities.

According to the influential daily, El Mundo, UCM is admitted as the most prestigious academic institution in Spain located in Ciudad Universitaria area or university city in Madrid.

In the event, Brawijaya University delegates along with UCM party got deals to general collaboration in areas of dentistry, veterinary as well as social humanities.

In addition, Brawijaya University initiated to make UCM as a centre of excellence in a study on commerce and tourism in Indonesia.

"Our initiative is taken considering a study on commerce and tourism in Indonesia is still inadequate. Meanwhile Indonesia is potentially do tourism industry development. Not to mention trading aspect is seen in economic aspect only and not too far away paying attention in the rapid growing of information technology," said Faishal.

UCM has Faculty of Trading and Tourism Affairs to respond the rapidly growing of tourism industry in Spain which is the world's top tourist destination worldwide. According to Deanery of the faculty, Francis Lopez, UCM combines trading aspect which is increasingly complex with tourism industry market along with its supporting infrastructures. They have Master's program in Trading and Tourism and they have plan to open doctoral program in similar area.

One of the efforts that will be made through the partnership with UCM is establishment of two kinds of programs. The first is an intensive professional capacity-building program run by vocational education. The program is going to invite UCM experts to have tutorial in a program equal with Diploma. The second is establishment of integrated master's program in Faculty of Administrative Science. The program is going to provide undergraduate Tourism students to accomplish their 3 year education at Brawijaya University and a year at UCM in earning bachelor degree from Brawijaya Univeristy and Master's Degree from UCM.

The Establishment of Spanish Literature

UCM is the campus of leading literary figures such as Mario Vargas Llosa, a writer from Peru, 2010 Nobel Prize Winner in Literature as well as Camilo Jose Cela, 1989 Nobel Prize Winner in Literature. Influences of Spanish Literature also rapidly developed in Spanish speaking countries with more than 500 million users. Deanery of Philology UCM, Margaritha Zuloaga explained that literature teaching is related with aspects of history, culture and language thus literature tradition can rapidly growing. That is why mastering of Spanish for foreign students who learn different disciplines of arts humanities Science is very important.

Strategic value of literature tradition process is rooted from language and culture, not only limited by merely state partition but also dialectics built within with localities aspects. In Spanish literature for instance, not only speaking in Spain context but also expanding in Ibero-America countries including Spanish speaking countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America. This is an opportunity to learn important things in literary, post-colonialism literature for instance.

Besides, in economy aspects, market demand which is connected with Ibero-America regions also very high in terms of trading as well as technology and knowledge transfer. Brawijaya University captures the opportunity with development of literary studies and exploring the establishment of Spanish Literature Department at Faculty of Culture Studies. Complementing the existing Literature Departments including English Literature, French Literature and Japanese, the new department will be connected with other disciplines outside of literature such as social science, political science and so on. [*/Humas UB/trans. Denok]





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