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Strengthening Collaboration with TU Wien, FTUB Send Lecturers to Austria

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yusfan austria
yusfan austria
For 3 months, Dr.techn. Yusfan Adeputera Yusran, ST., MT.Ars. join a post-doctoral program funded by the Federal Ministry of Science and Research Austria under the Ernst Mach Asea Uninet Grant program that runs from 1 August to 31 October 2018.

This Architecture Department of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya examines the relevance of Vernacular home conservation efforts to health issues. Vernacular architecture is the architecture that grew and evolved from the folk architecture born in ethnic communities and is derived from ethnic traditions, and built by worker based on experience (trial and error), using local materials and techniques.

By taking a case study of the open-air museum in Bad-Tatzmannsdorf, Austria, Yusfan traced the links between vernacular houses that were translocated to a special area in Bad-Tatzmannsdorf which was also a place for curative health services.

The series of studies conducted together with Prof. Erich Lehner from Technische Universität Wien (TU Wien) concluded that the effort to conserve or preserve vernacular homes is not only related to historical problems and cultural preservation.

"It can also be presented as one of the mental healing facilities that can accelerate the recovery of patients, especially Mindfulness Treatment," explained the lecturer who got his doctorate at TU Wien.

The results of this study are planned to be published in international journals. This program is also one part of the collaboration program between the Department of Architecture FT-UB and the Institute of History of Art and Building Archeology TU Wien, which has been fostered since 2016 as an exchange place for the researcher.

"Ernst Mach Postdoctoral Grant itself is one of the OeAD-Asea Uninet programs as a forum for further guidance for doctors (max. 45 years old) to conduct joint research with research institutions in Austria for 1 to 9 months," said the doctor born in December 1983 informed. (mic)


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