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BKKBN, UB and Univeristy of Portsmouth Discuss Population and Health

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Submit by oky_dian on November 08, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 3043

BKKBN's international conference attended by regional heads, UB's Rector and delegates of University of Portsmouth
BKKBN's international conference attended by regional heads, UB's Rector and delegates of University of Portsmouth
BKKBN (Badan Kependudukan dan Keluarga Berencana Nasional/National Population and Family Planning Agency), Brawijaya University and Portsmouth University organized an international conference on Population and Health at Singhasari Resort Batu for two days (8-9/10/2018).

BKKBN's Main Secretary Nofrijal in Malang, on Thursday said the partnership was carried out in an event of South East Asia International Conference on Population and Health to establish networks and partnership with academicians from universities.

"We are at BKKBN has a research centre on population and welfare. At the institution, there are around 20-30 researchers. Collaboration with these universities aimes at providing research update and inputs for each of policy which we will take later," he said.

He expected, the existence of Brawijaya University and University of Portsmouth can strengthen structures and personnel to increase quality of research.

Chairman of BKKBN of the Republic of Indonesia Dr. Sigit Priohutomo, MPH mentioned BKKBN's main duty is to manage population which is feared could lead to economic disparity between city and village.

"Population problems in Indonesia is a matter of quality and quantity and frequently is migration or mobility problem. We know lots of villagers move to the city for a better economy," he said. Many smart and well qualified people move to urban area, thus it deals with concentrated population and empty villages. "Still better if the economic distribution becomes smooth. This is still a burden for us in management of mobilization," he said.

Sigit mentioned one of the efforts made currently is to control population number by providing better opportunities or women in education and employment especially in social poverty alleviation.

Vice Governor of East Java Syaifullah Yusuf who attend the conference mentioned the Provincial Government also trying to reduce the population number. Such efforts are by application of "two chidren are enough" program, improving development of health facilities and services, equitable distribution of educational facilities in all regions, increasing economic income so that it is expected to be able to produce hgh quality generations.

Meanwhile, Dean of Faculty of Science University of Portsmouth Sherria Hoskins mentioned the South East Asia International Conference is the first international meeting in regional level held by Brawijaya University Malang Indonesia and University of Portsmouth the United Kingdom.

The regional conference is supported by BKKBN as one os main sponsors along with Brawijaya University, University of Portsmouth and British Council.

"The conference as well as becomes a multidisciplinary means and will not run unless assistance from stakeholders including the government and decision maker, also professionals," he said. [Oky Dian/Humas UB/trans. Denok]










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