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The Dedicated Doctorate Program Introducing Assabieh and Ukhuwah Model for Corruption Eradication

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Submit by vicky.nurw on November 05, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 688

Rachmat Kriyantono in a dedicated doctorate program in Kediri
Rachmat Kriyantono in a dedicated doctorate program in Kediri
Obligation to eradicate corruption is not only the government's duty. Community members and regional officers also play a role in creating public service system for corruption eradication. This is the focus of dedicated doctorate program carried out by Brawijaya University as a form of community services program.

To Gendra Villagers at Tutur Sub-district Pasuruan Regency, the dedicated doctorate coordinated by Rachmat Kriyantono as a lecturer at Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University introduced communication model in public information transmitting for corruption eradication.

Dedicated Doctorate Program of Brawijaya University has been going on since 1 July 2018 by doing research at Gendro Village in related to Public Information Disclosure on financial management to avoid corruption. In order to follow up the research, Brawijaya University has carried out a training on Thursday (25/Oct/2018) and counselling to village officials and Gendro villagers in related with public information disclosure to realize good governance principle.

The extension activities was initiated by exposing research from dedicated doctorate team at Gendro village related to communities' characteristics, the village's opportunities, and constraints that might be faced in reaching opportunities. The main principle emphasized in the extension activities is communication as public services support.

Rachmat also delivered things need to be considered in information disclosure to run Bumdes (Badan Usaha Milik Desa/Village Owned Business Entity) program at Gendro Village is the mechanism on effective information transmission to the communities and selection of media for funding management information. By prioritizing information disclosure will reduce suspicion in people's mind.

The dedicated doctorate team proposed several communication models that can be applied at Gendro Village to realize information disclosure by increasing coordination and communication model at internal level (communication between village officials) also to fix external communication (communication between village officials with the communities). "The suggested communication model is using assabieh and ukhuwah principle namely all information transmitted should have harmonization and togetherness. This communication model can be realized by empowering young people at Gendro Village as a community groups that own high awareness towards the village," said Rachmat.

"From the result of the discussion, it turns out if I appraised have many results and information disclosure is very important. Who is used to mastering the information will able to conquer the world. It turns out the result of discussion between neighborhood unit officials and citizens association is very alive, very fluid. Hopefully this is not only heard, the most important is its application after discussion," said Sentot Sunaryo as Gendro villagers' delegate.

The community also hopes that training and extension activities carried out by the Dedicated Doctorate team can be a sustainable program, thus capable of realizing a transparent Gendro Village in the use of village funds. [sinta/vicky/Humas UB/trans. Denok]







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