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IKA UB's Reunion Harmony, Together in Nostalgia

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Submit by zenefale on November 05, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 781

Kahitna's performance to enliven IKA UB's reunion
Kahitna's performance to enliven IKA UB's reunion
A reunion held by Brawijaya University Alumni Association (Ikatan Alumni Universitas Brawijaya/IKA/UB) took place lively on Tuesday (3/Oct/2018). Not only enliven through musical stage merely, the event also became a gathering event for alumni of Brawijaya University across generations. Old generation (1964) of Brawijaya University alumni until the millennial young ones (2014) gathered cornucopia pour out their excitement. Around 1,000 alumni fulfill XXI Ballroom of Jakarta Theater to attend to stay in touch whilst remembering their youth.

Dida Sarkan as Chairman of Faculty of administrative Science alumni delivered if the event is a forum to promote Brawijaya University to the campus can be widely known by the public and the name can be widespread everywhere. This shows that it turns out not only academic communities of Brawijaya University who can promote the university, but alumni families also contribute to introduce their alma mater anywhere and anytime. "Last year the grand reunion committee was Faculty of Engineering, while this year Faculty of Medicine was appointed as the main committee. However, Faculty of Medicine does not work alone, there are some faculties also collaborate to help, one of them was Faculty of Administrative Science," he said.

Hymne Brawijaya presented by UB alumni's choir
Hymne Brawijaya presented by UB alumni's choir
During the event, the audience was presented with entertainment like nostalgia music via performance of the choir from Brawijaya University alumni, Home band of Brawijaya University alumni until the guest star, Kahitna. Even though it looks quite senior, performance of the elder generation alumni in fact is able to present their performance nicely, even their vocal and musical performance are not inferior to the younger generations of Brawijaya University. Brawijaya's hymne can be sung grandly by alumni of Brawijaya University choir, old jazz songs like After Love has Gone, Still Friend of Mine until Love Games also presented by Alumni Home Band. The excitement continued until Kahitna performed on stage to perform their old songs.

At the end of the event, IKA UB officially carried on the Brawijaya University's anniversary management board from Faculty of Medicine to Faculty of Law. Faculty of Law was appointed as an administrator to arrange IKA's event next year which will be organized in Surabaya. Brawijaya University Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR., MS expressed his excitement in front of the alumni. He expected this family relationship continues, stepping together to build Brawijaya University without any age limit. [Indra/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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