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Doktor Mengabdi Program: Developing Community-Based Ecotourism at UB Forest Village

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Submit by prasetyaFT on November 03, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 619

Program Doktor Mengabdi (PMD) is one of the community service activities carried out by a team of lecturers in the University of Brawijaya environment to fulfill one of the obligations of lecturers in the Higher Education Tri Dharma. Chaired by a lecturer with a Doctoral degree, PMD aimed to give problem-solving in the community groups through the scientific application and the results of lecturer research.

Dr.Eng. Novi Sunu Sri Giriwati, ST, M.Sc (Architecture Department) and a team of lecturers consisting of La Choviya Hawa, STP, MP, Ph.D (Department of Agricultural Engineering), Ar Rohman Taufiq Hidayat, ST, M.AgrSc (Department of Planning Region and City), and Ir. Sigmawan Tri Pamungkas, MT and Wasiska Iyati, ST, MT (Architecture Department), as well as a number of Architecture Department students, from several scientific fields collaborating to carry out the Doctoral Program in 2018 in Sumberwangi Hamlet, Donowarih Village, Karangploso District, Malang Regency.

This hamlet is located in the UB Forest area, at the foot of Mount Arjuno, which has the potential of the natural environment including the mountain climate, temperature, and clean air quality, beautiful scenery in the foot mountain area and views towards the City of Malang, as well as the potential for various natural products fruit and vegetable crops such as coffee, corn, mustard, and pokcoy. Sumberwangi Hamlet is also adjacent to the pine forest area with contoured land topography, which is used as an area for trail bike tracks.

Sumberwangi Hamlet itself is one of the hamlets inhabited by residents with the majority of gardening livelihoods in the foot area of Mount Arjuno. On the other hand, the village has a physical condition of settlements that still do not pay too much attention to the principles of building safety and security for mountain slopes, good settlement spatial planning, adequate infrastructure, and the quality of the appearance of attractive buildings to be used as ecotourism hamlets.

Entitled The Development of Community-Based Ecotourism Hamlet Facilities in UB Forest in Sumberwangi, Karangploso Subdistrict, Malang Regency, community service activities led by Dr.Eng. Novi Sunu Sri Giriwati, ST, M.Sc, is developing the potential of both community and natural resources in Sumberwangi Hamlet in an effort to realize Ecotourism Villages which not only prioritize economic benefits, but the concept of sustainable Ecotourism Villages, including the balance of social, economic, and environment.

In the concept of developing an ecotourism master plan in Sumberwangi Hamlet, several principles of building design and spatial planning of settlements were adopted which adopted the values of traditional Javanese architecture to maintain local wisdom in the local environment, as well as to educate visitors for ecotourism. Supporting facilities such as lodging and selling of local products for consumption or souvenirs are needed by visitors who are conducting research activities in UB Forest, visitors who come for sports needs such as mountain bikes and dirt bikes, as well as visitors or tourists who come for refreshing.

To provide lodging facilities for visitors, community hostels with homestay concept that utilize local residents' homes, aiming for land efficiency and maintenance efficiency of lodging facilities. In addition, homestays that are integrated into people's homes can empower the people of Sumberwangi Hamlet in the management of the lodging business as one of the supporting facilities of the Ecotourism Village, as well as empowering the community in services.

Not only that, other Ecotourism Hamlet facilities planned by the PDM team together with Sumberwangi Hamlet UB Forest residents include supporting facilities that are able to sell and promote local products such as souvenir shops and coffee shops, as well as supporting other facilities.

All stages of planning activities for the development of ecotourism hamlet facilities in the doctoral activities serve this, using a participatory method, in which residents are involved at every stage of planning until the implementation and realization of Sumberwangi UB Forest Ecotourism Village in the future. This aims to ensure that the local community remains the main subject or actor who plays an active role in realizing a sustainable ecotourism hamlet, euther from the social, economic, and environmental aspects. (wawa/mic)


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