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Socialization on University Accreditation at Brawijaya University

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Submit by denok on October 22, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 877

Sosialisasi akreditasi perguruan tinggi bagi pimpinan UB
Sosialisasi akreditasi perguruan tinggi bagi pimpinan UB
Brawijaya University is preparing its university accreditation (Akreditasi Perguruan Tinggi/APT). Accreditation A which has been owned since 2014 will end in 2019. As a University that has more than 151 program, then there will be around seven BAN PT (Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi/University National Accreditation Board) are going to have accreditation.

A socialization related to this has done to all academic communities including lecturers, administrative staffs, students and alumni on Wednesday (17/Oct/2018). Meanwhile socialization to all principals of faculties and rectorate will be conducted on Monday (22/Oct/2018).

Towards PRASETYA Online, Chairman of LP3M (Lembaga Pengembangan Pendidikan dan Penjaminan Mutu/Institute of Educational Development and Quality Assurance) Brawijaya University Ir. Achmad Wicaksono, M.Eng., Ph.D delivered that socialization is intended for Brawijaya University academic communities to understand there will be a visitation. "Therefore we request support and gathering togetherness," said the lecturer of Faculty of Engineering. Sonny added documents of accreditation and self-evaluation had submitted.

Socialization and simulation also aims to finalize the evidence that should be submitted as well as preparation of presentation materials either by principals or academic communities.

In the meeting room of UB's main building, the socialization was attended by Rector, Rectorate and Deanery principals as well as internal assessors at Brawijaya University.

In the occasion, it was affirmed the needs of coherence among vision, mission, strategic planning, operational planning as well as its indicators. If accreditation of study program is more emphasized in technical matters, then university accreditation will cover things like policy, innovation, and strategy carried out in a university. Therefore, we need to explore some indicators which are tangible, intangible including capabilities of an organization.

The university accreditation will cover seven assessment standards i.e. standard 1: vision, mission, objective, target, and achievement strategy, standard 2: governance system, leadership, management and quality assurance system, standard 3: student and alumni, standard 4: human resources, standard 5: curriculum, learning activities and academic eonvironment, standard 6: infrastructure and information system, standard 7: research and community services, collaboration. [Denok/Humas UB/trans. Denok]





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