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Paving the way for the future of PR at UB

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A guest lecture by Dr Pia Wulandari at UoN
A guest lecture by Dr Pia Wulandari at UoN
University of Brawijaya Senior Lecturer in Communication Science, Dr Maulina Pia Wulandari, is paving the way forward for public relations students at University of Brawijaya. Pia is currently in Australia as part of UB's Staff Exchange and Leadership Program with the University of Newcastle (UoN). She will spend the next four weeks in Newcastle, NSW, where she will be teaching into public relations courses as well as meeting with senior management to discuss future alliances between UB and UoN.

"Our existing MoU means the relationship between the University of Newcastle and University of Brawijaya is already strong," said Pia. "But while this trip will undoubtedly build on, and further strengthen our relationship, I am particularly seeking opportunities to develop a Masters' level double-degree program. This would allow UB students to undertake the final year of their Masters' program in Newcastle," she said.

Pia, who is also University of Newcastle Alumni member, is also proving to be a hit in the classroom and has been kept very busy delivering lectures and teaching classes on public relations. Her first lecture for first year public relations students was "Indonesian Public Relations: History, Education, and Practice in Crisis Management". The guest lecture was on 5th October 2018 in Hunter Building. Her second lecture was for Advanced Public Relations students where she spoke on "Negative Engagement - the Dark Side of Indonesian Social Media Buzzers.

Lecturer in Communication at the University of Newcastle, Dr Deborah Wise, said that having Dr Wulandari lecture on public relations in Indonesia has given Australian students insights that they otherwise might not have had.

"Public relations is a globalised profession and its very important that Australian students gain an understanding of how PR is practiced in other countries. Knowledge about how PR is practiced in Indonesia is particularly relevant given Indonesia is Australia's closest neighbour and one of our key trading partners. Dr Wulandari's lectures have been very well-received by students who appreciate having someone of Dr Wulandari's experience teaching them about the profession", said the lecturer who involved in UB's 3in1 program few weeks ago.

Debby also explained that students were especially interested in learning about Dr Wulandari's personal experience of being body shamed on social media. "Dr Wulandari gave very good example to my Australian students on how public relations practitioner should handle crisis in social media especially when they are as a PR practitioner got bullied in social media", Debby said. [UoN/Humas UB]


Contact Person: Dr. Deborah Wise


Phone: +61 2 49138794


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