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TEUB, Host of FORTEI XII 2018 Munas

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FORTEI XII National Conference
FORTEI XII National Conference
Continuing the previous day's activities, the 12th 2018 Indonesian Electrical Engineering National Forum (FORTEI) began on October 12, 2018 at the Grand Royal Orchids Garden Hotel, Batu. Acting as the person in charge at the FORTEI XII National Conference was Hadi Suyono, ST, MT, PhD., The Head of Electrical Engineering Department of Faculty of Engineering UB.

In his report he said that at this National Congres (Munas) was attended by around 240 participants from 98 Electrical Engineering institutions throughout Indonesia.

The FORTEI Munas activities began with socialization Socialization of the PAK KEMENRISTEKDIKTI Team and the Versatility of Problems in Arranging the Promotion to the Head Lector and Professor of Electrical Engineering by Prof. Dr. Ir. Yanuarsyah Haroen (Professor of the School of Electrical and Informatics Engineering (STEI) ITB and the KEMENRISTEKDIKTI PAK Team).
The material from this 4e professor has touched the curiosity of participants today. Many questions arise about how to take care of promotions and what needs to be prepared so that the process runs quickly and smoothly (download the material here). On the same occasion, Bimtek Bidding for International Scientific Article Writing was also offered.

After Friday prayers the activity continued with the Discussion of AD/ART of FORTEI which was led directly by the Chairperson of FORTEI 2016-2018, Dr. Wahyudi ST MT with moderator Dr. Ir. Dian Retno Sawitri, M.T., as well as Discussion on the Establishment of the Indonesian Electrical Engineering Expert Association (APTEI).

In the discussion, agreed upon several things, including the membership of FORTEI which in 2016 was changed to be individually changed back into institution, if the Chair/Vice Chairperson of FORTEI no longer serves as the head of department/study program then the Chair/Vice Chairperson is forwarded by the official who replaced him, and all members of FORTEI automatically become members of APTEI (Association of Indonesian Electrical Engineering Experts).

In connection with APTEI, at the afternoon forum it was agreed that the letter P was an extension of the Profesi not Pakar. "Because this is a professional organization, it will be better if the Expert is converted into a profession," said Dr. Wahyudi.

The event continued with the election of Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of FORTEI for the 2018-2020 period. In accordance with the applicable regulations, the Deputy Chair will automatically become the chairman of the next two years. The previous management Deputy Chairperson was Sarjiya, ST., MT. (Department of Electrical Engineering UGM) so that the Chairperson of FORTEI 2018-2020 is UGM.

While the Vice Chair elected with 67 votes is Hadi Suyono PhD from UB and is automatically elected as Chairperson of APTEI. While being elected as the Vice Chairperson of APTEI was the second elected person, with 12 votes being Dr.Ir. Aries Subiantoro, M.SEE from the University of Indonesia.

For information, FORTEI Management consists of central and regional management. National meeting activities are held once every year, while the National Conference (Munas) which is held to elect the FORTEI chairman and elect the vice chair of FORTEI to be held every two years.

The annual agenda is filled with seminar activities (which have been done previously, The 9th EECCIS), workshops, and discussions on recent national topics.

The place for FORTEI members' annual meeting is determined at the time of the previous meeting and it has become a tradition that the annual meeting place rotates between the high-rise universities in Java and those outside Java. And it was agreed that the next meeting would take place at Universitas Negeri Padang, Bukit Tinggi, Sumatra Barat. (mic)


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