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3 Brawijaya University Students Win Cargill Scholarship For On-Going Graduate Program

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Fahmi Alamil Huda (Faculty of Animal Husbandry)
Fahmi Alamil Huda (Faculty of Animal Husbandry)
Cargill Global Scholars is awarded to On-Going Graduate Program of which they are not only get financial assistance but also leadership development program for all awardees. The scholarship provides quota for 10 students taken from various well-known universities in Indonesia through administration and interview selection like Hasanuddin University, Gadjah Mada University, Bogor Agricultural University and many more well-known universities in Indonesia.

One of them is Brawijaya University who admitted 3 students class-of-2016 who won Cargill Global Scholars in 2018. They are including Fahmi Alamil Hudha (Faculty of Agriculture), Moch. Alawy Syaiful Anam (Faculty of Agriculture) and Naila L. Arisieh (Faculty of Engineering) of which the scholarships awardees increase than a year before which was only one person who passed the competition with other universities.

"There are two selections for Cargill Global Scholars including administration selection which need patience and perseverance while interview test selection should be able to master English and be honest in answering all questions asked in interview session. Examiners for interview session are from Psychology Department of University of Indonesia and a Dean from Bandung Institute of Technology," sadi Fahmi.

Facilities obtained from Cargill Global Scholars are funding valued $2,500 annually for the nfor the next two years, participating in a leadership seminar for 3 days in the first year and in the secnd year for a week at one of Cargill companies. They also obtained mentoring program from a Cargill Director. "Preparation needed in the long seminar term is only health and passion." Said Fahmi.

As one of Cargill Global Scholars awardees from Brawijaya University, Fahmi confessed to be motivated. He expected scholarship awardees next year will increase. "I want to involve in social activities from scholarships I get and hopefully next year, there will be larger numbers of Cargill Global Scholars at Brawijaya University. Because since last year only 1 student who qualified. If current, Alhamdulillah raising up to 3 students," she hoped. [intan/rina/Humas UB/trans. Denok]





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