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Staffs OF The Trunojoyo Madura University Library Visit Universitas Brawijaya Library

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Submit by ihwan.hariyanto on October 10, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 779



On September 28, 2018, the Central Library of Universitas Brawijaya received a visit from the Trunojoyo Madura University Library (UTM). This visit is for sharing information. The UTM Library group was led by the Head of the UTM Library Dr. Hj. Iriani Ismail, Dra., MM. and the staff received by the field coordinators included the Coordinator for Development and Cooperation, Ms. Suprihatin, S.IP, M.A, Coordinator for User Services, Agung Suprapto, S.Sos., MA and Head of Sub-Division of Administration, Mr. Dedi Gusro S.Ag.

The two parties discusses the application or program used by the UB Library in managing collections and serving users, namely InListe V3. The use of InListe V3 allows the UB Library to implement an independent service which includes independent book lending and independent locker loans. For the extension of the book loan period, it can now be done online using the application.



Furthermore, the UTM Library group was invited to do the Library Tour to all sections and ask directly to each employee in charge in each section. In order to be more effective and on target and save time, the UTM Library group was divided according to the field of work involved. For library tours in the User Services Section, guided by Agung Suprapto, which includes the front office, lockers, circulation and book collections on the second floor. Whereas in the Technical Services section, guided by Ms. Suprihatin covers the processing and digitization section.

The UTM Library group interested in the independent locker loan system that is applied in the UB Library. With this independent system, visitors do not need to queue long and leave Student Card as a guarantee sign. So that the risk of exchanged visitors can be avoided. After the library tour session, the UTM Library group also resigned to proceed to the next agenda.[Ikhwand/Humas UB]



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