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Public Relations Practitioners Should Keep up With Technological Development

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Dr. Deborah Jane Wise from University of Newcastle
Dr. Deborah Jane Wise from University of Newcastle
One of big challenges confronted by public relations world is technological development which is less balanced with knowledge and skills of public relations practitioners. Even though, both are very important to support public relations activities.

In order to deal with the problems, Communication Science Department Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University held a guest lecture on Thursday (04/Oct/2018) titled "Stadium General: Challenges, Opportunities, and Career Prospects of Public Relations in Industrial Revolution 4.0". The event which was carried out in Nuswantara Auditorium invited Dr. Deborah Jane Wise (a public relations lecturer at University of Newcastle) and Titik S. Ariyanto (Manager Marketing and Public Relations of Jatim Park Group) as speakers.

"A public relations officer should have capabilities in communication both internal and external. However, the more dominant is communication with external, so a public relations officer will seem to be wise and able to get trust from the society," said Deborah.

In the occasion, Deborah mentioned that paid activities can be replaced with technology developed currently. Deborah also delivered that the roles of social media in public relations is an effort to collaborate, and to reach better communication.

"Social media is an approach used by a public relations officer to communicate and change ideas to publics," she said. Deborah added, the roles of public relations cannot be replaced by technology because it remains to be needed to build relationships among people. [02/Fariza/Humas FISIP/Humas UB/trans. Denok]






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