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FCS UB's Internship in Japan

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Group of FCS UB with Mr. Genichi Kato
Group of FCS UB with Mr. Genichi Kato

For students in the final year, internship is one of the compulsory conditions for obtaining a bachelor's degree. The demands of the world of work, makes the apprenticeship process becomes very important. Chandra Trisnadi and Amaliya Akhsani, Japanese Literature students at FIB UB are lucky because they have the opportunity to do internships in Japan starting on 1 Oct - 28 Nov 2018.

They left for Japan with Aditya (an alumnus of Japanese Literature FCS UB) and Efrizal, M.A. (Japanese Literature Lecturer at FCS UB). Aditya is the owner of Hikari Japanese Language Institute, which has a close connection with AllCasting Japan. Allcasting is in desperate need of labor in the field of translation services because Allcasting has many overseas workers, including Indonesia.

Arriving in Japan, the FCS UB group met Mr. Genichi Kato, the Director of Allcasting. He was willing to take them to the apartment as the housing during the internship program. On the following day, FCS UB group met Mr. Yuji Tsutsui, the President Director of Allcasting.

FCS UB Internship Students
FCS UB Internship Students

On the following day, FCS UB's students started the internship. They are under the supervision of Mr. Nakano. According to him, FCS UB students are able to work quickly.

FCS UB group also took the time to meet with FCS UB students who had the opportunity to study in Japan at Nagoya University.

Aditya and Efrizal also visited IC Tech, Co Ltd. They had the opportunity to meet the President Director, Mr. Hitoshi Ogura. He said that there were many things that could be done together with UB. Mr. Ogura stated that he is willing to visit UB  in the near future. (MSH/PSIK FIB)




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