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FPPTPI Holds FGD to Discuss Professional Authority of Animal Husbandry Engineer

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FGD on Livestock Engineer Professional Authority by FPPTPI
FGD on Livestock Engineer Professional Authority by FPPTPI
Indonesian Livestock Higher Education Leadership Forum (FPPTPI/Forum Pimpinan Pendidikan Tinggi Peternakan Indonesia) organized a Focused Group Discussion (FGD). The event which discussed about analysis of animal husbandry regulation related to professional authority in animal husbandry engineer was conducted on Saturday (29/Aug/2018).

Currently Faculty of Animal Husbandry Brawijaya University chanced to be the host. Took place at 6th floor main hall of building V, the event was attended by principals of faculties/department/programs of Animal Husbandry allover Indonesia. As well as participants of Indonesian Engineer Association (PII) on Animal Husbandry and lecturers of Livestock Legislations and Regulations course at Faculty of Animal Husbandry.

FPPTPI Secretary General as well as Dean of Faculty of Animal Husbandry Brawijaya University Prof. Suyadi mentioned that Indonesian Livestock Development is in professional human resources improvement through professional education of Engineering in Animal Husbandry. Besides, one of the potential benefits in engineering profession is providing protection towards profession. Therefore, the event is necessary to discuss authorities in the field of engineer as well as to synchronize it with laws.

On the occasion, Prof. Suyadi along with Prof. Ali Agus (Dean of Faculty of Animal Husbandry of Gadjah Mada University as well as Chairman of Management Board of Indonesian Animal Husbandry Bond, Ir. Yudi Guntara Noor and Prof. James Hellyward (Dean of Faculty of Animal Husbandry Andalas University) act as the speaker. They delivered their presentation alternately such as authority map of Livestock Engineer in related to UU Nomor 41 Tahun 2016 by Prof. Suyadi. Protection Grid of Livestock Engineer Professional Authority by Prof. Ali Agus. Practical Constraints in regulation implementation of livestock scholar profession by Ir. Yudi Guntoro Noor, and career level policy proposal as well as appreciation or rewards of livestock engineer profession in professional world by Prof. James Hellyward. [dta/Humas UB/trans. Denok]






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