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Thousands of Free Meals in 2018 Brawijaya University Library Open House and Show Case

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Free Food sharing by Brawijaya University library
Free Food sharing by Brawijaya University library
As an effort to improve numbers of visitors and to promote facilities as well as library services to the students, Central Library of Brawijaya University held an Open House and Show Case 2018. The event was conducted for three days (25-27/Sep/2018).

Chairman of Central Library of Brawijaya University Drs. Johan AE Noor, M.Sc., Ph.D delivered that a library is not only to store books but also as a means of knowledge development for the students.

"Library is a service unit, not only a place to store books, or a place for students to borrow books but also a place for us to have a real study. We have entered a Collaborative Learning Center, so anyone who wants to have discussion or anything can be done here. We are also creating a theatre thus students can learn visually. All of that have purposes that facilities we have given can be used as much as possible by users especially students," said Johan.

Johan also explained based on data from January until August 2018 that numbers of students who frequently visit the library is still 50% out of 60 thousands students.

"This year, the number of visitors has increased, previous years is not much. So the purpose of this open house is to introduce the library to students,especially fresher. So it is also expected that the student visit can be even more, and they are not reluctant to use the facilities we have," he added.

Regarding to the Open House and Show Case 2018, Chief Executive of the event, Agung Suprapto, S.Sos., MA presented some activities which are carried out such as national seminar, book review, blood donors, fun games like book hunting, book guess, concentration and selfie competition. In addition, there are also awards for the most visitors and the most borrowers.

"We also organize distribution of 1,000 up to 2,000 free meals, this is the attraction," said Agung Suprapto.

In line with Johan AE Noor, Agung Suprapto expected by the event students become aware of the importance of the library and can maximize facilities as well as services provided as a means to seek knowledge.

"The future expectations, to let students know that libray can be used properly to seek knowledge and vary information as much as possible. So the students are not only just being 'kupu-kupu' kuliah pulang-kuliah pulang (only go to college and then go home)," he affirmed.

Furthermore, Agung mentioned that Brawijaya University Library in providing its services has some features i.e. has the longest numbers of opening hours namely 84 hours in a week, keep operating on Sundays, and most lending numbers namely 25 books.

"Brawijaya University library is the only which is remained to open on Saturdays and Sundays. No other campus did it, commonly they only open on Mondays until Fridays," he said.

For your information, Brawijaya University Central Library always organize development program such as open access or institutional repository as a function of publication for students and lecturers.

Repository is the works of Brawijaya University academic communities which are stored as software which can be taken and installed. Dissertation, thesis, and research will be included in the form of full content thus students or society can download it. [Intan/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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