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Brawijaya Essay Competition 2018

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Brawijaya Essay Competition 2018
Brawijaya Essay Competition 2018
Hello Young Innovators

Brawijaya University student research and scientific paper proudly present "Brawijaya Essay Competition 2018". BEC 2018 is an online national essay competition raise a theme "The Roles of Student in Realizing 2045 Golden Indonesia".

The even schedules are as following: registration and work submission phase 1: 1 September - 22 September 2018. Phase 2: 23 September - October 2018. The judge assessment: 7 October - 27 October 2018. Announcement of the winners: 10 November 2018.

The complete information regarding gift submission, condition of participants and registration mechanism are at guidance book of BEC 2018 at while registration link: and guidebook link:

Further information regards to this event can contact: Dararida Fandra Mahira (Line/WA 085350181590), Rizhaf Setyo Hartono (Line/WA 082333231884) #lomba#lombaessay#lombanasional#lombaonline#lombamahasiswa#lombabrawijaya#mahasiswabrawojaya#lombaessay2018

RKIM UB's official account are as following: Twiter: @rkim_ub Line at : @igj2203o Instagram: rkimub Fb: rkim.ub Website : [Rhizaf/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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