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Agricultural Technology Lecturer Joins in Designing Indonesian National Coffee Qualification

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Participants of Consensus on KKNI in Coffee cultivation management
Participants of Consensus on KKNI in Coffee cultivation management
Wenny Bekti Sunarharum, STP., M.Food.St., PhD a coffee expert from Faculty of Agricultural Technology Brawijaya University joined in a consensus of KKNI (Indonesian National Qualification Framework) in the field of coffee cultivation management. The event was organized by Agricultural Training Centre, Agency of Agricultural Counselling and Human Resources Development, Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia for two days (23-24/Aug/2018) at Onih Hotel Bogor.

The main agenda of the event was designing KKMI on coffee cultivation management which will be the government policy signed by Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia. KKNI is meant as competency qualification level framework.

Later the result of this consensus will be used as a reference in competency test certification in the field of coffee cultivation starts from planning of cultivation of coffee plants until harvest and post-harvest implementation. Thus, in the future, farmers or coffee cultivator, alumni of schools or training institute, alumni of vocational schools, as well as staff of private companies in coffee cultivation can have competency as the standards. Thus the resulting coffee beans will be in accordance with quality and quantity standard including for Luwak coffee.

Designers who also attended the consensus were experts from vary professional/association organizations, practitioners, academicians and bureaucrats such as secretariat of PPSDM Pertanian (Development Centre of Agricultural Human Resources), Secretariat of Directorate General of Plantation, Directorate of Competency and Job Training Standardization Building, Ministry of Labor, Directorate of Vocational High School Development at Ministry of Education and Culture, Agricultural Education Centre, Agricultural Extension Centre, some Agricultural High Schools, Agricultural Training Centre, Directorate General of Plantation, several Plantation Department, Industrial Plant Research Centre, Vocational School of Bogor Agricultural University, Faculty of Agricultural Technology of Brawijaya University, PTPN (National Plantation Company) XII, Indonesian Coffee Council, Specialty Coffee Association Indonesia (SCAI/AKSI), GAEKI (Joint Indonesian Coffee Export Association), LSP Kopi (Coffee Professional Standardization Institute), SCOPI Jakarta, several Businessman and Indonesian Coffee Pratitioners. [dse/Humas UB/trans. Denok]






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