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Si Samid's Contest at Himanika

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Si Samid Contest
Si Samid Contest
Communication in Action (CIA) comes again at Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University. The biggest event at HIMANIKA (Association of Communication Science Students) has been conducted for thirteen times and will be in volume 14 this year.

The current CIA will raise a theme of Developing Our Future Creativity and has a mascot named Si Samid a tagline "Kami masa Depan"/"We are the Future".

"We have a mascot named Si Samid. Why Si Samid? Because it aims to bring our theme on how we are as millennials capable of developing a better future with creative industry," said Nanda Hasan (Communication Science 2016) as CIA 2018 Head of Convener.

The current CIA 2018 is organizing an event series named as "Si Samid Punya Sayembara". The contest is a national level competition aimed at the whole students of Communication Science throughout Indonesia. There are four categories to compete including Broadcation (Broadcasting Competition), Neon (News and Graphical Info Competition), Prime (PR in Marvellous Elucidate) and I-Brand in total prize of million rupiahs.

Registration period as well as collection of works will be started on 28 August until 5 October 2018. Meanwhile winners of each competition will be announced in 27 October 2018 at the Awarding Night, along with Seminar and Talk Show on Developing Our Future Creativity will be organized in that day. [Rafdi/Humas FISIP/trans. Denok]






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