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FCS UB Encourages Reading Activities in Ngabab Village

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One of the community service programs carried out by the teams from Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) is in Ngabab Village, Pujon Kidul, Malang Regency. The community service established "Taman Baca" (Reading Park) to support National Reading Day which was then supported by the teams from FCS UB. "Taman Baca" was established and aimed to provide knowledge from the reading sources.

There are two programs in Taman Baca, they were empowerment and management programs. The teams were divided into two groups. The empowerment group set up Taman Baca, provided books, and resources needed. While the management group was in charge of managing Taman Baca after it was established. The way to manage Taman Baca was by cooperating with surrounding schools. Taman Baca is used in turn by kindergartens in Ngabab village. Students from kindergarten are to use Taman Baca every day supervised by teachers assisted by internship students. The internship students become the facilitators to help the reading activities.

The related parties in Taman Baca community service program are villagers, teachers, kindergarten schools students, and village officials as facilitators who help to enliven and promote Taman Baca. Actually, Taman Baca is not only intended only for students from kindergarten schools because the books provided in Taman Baca are for kindergarten and elementary school students. However, books for elementary school level are still in the process of further development. In addition, students from Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program will implement Taman Baca as a laboratory.


The process of community service programs began with field observation. In this activity, there was found a need for the village to support the national program which is Hari Baca Nasional (National Reading Day) held on May 5th, 2018. It was then agreed that the village and FCS UB will strive for the establishment of Taman Baca. Taman Baca is not only devoted to commemorate Hari Baca Nasional but also in the future will be used as Laboratory for Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program, and for public.

Community service program conducted by a team from FCS UB was not without problems. The problem faced was the place. Taman Baca program was established in a shop-house provided by the village where the conditions were not 100% appropriate to be used as Taman Baca, so that the internship students had to renovate some parts of the place. However, a solution had been found. Because Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program would use Taman Baca as a Laboratory, the Head of Ngabab Village would move the place nearer to the Village Hall and it would be equipped with supporting facilities such as WiFi and other adequate facilities.



The steps taken by the Team from the FCS UB were field observation, venue renovation, and technical preparation. After completing several facilities and the preparation of Taman Baca, it was continued by launching, which was attended by approximately 300 people from the academic community, kindergarten teachers and students. In the event there were also competitions, games, activities of students and opened a reading place Mobil Pintar UB which provided books that could be read by the students and the community who attended the event.

The implementation of the program is still ongoing, and now it is continued with the Community Service Program UB 2018. "Our hope for the future is this Taman Baca continues to be developed, continues to be managed so that Taman Baca can give benefit to the wider community. The content may be added because the villagers mostly work in agriculture field, so it may provide agricultural books for the community. For younger people, with WiFi they can get readings that are more appropriate for their age. Hopefully, this Taman Baca can become an information center for the local community in the future," said Dr. Eti Setiawati, M.Pd. (YB/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)



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