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RAI GENERATION: Children as the Theme of Paintings

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Submit by prasetyafib on July 11, 2018 | Comment(s) : 0 | View : 1083

One of the visitor being attentive to Much. Sinawan Aliyafi Painting
One of the visitor being attentive to Much. Sinawan Aliyafi Painting

Much. Sinwan Aliyafi, a student of Fine Arts Study Program Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) exhibited his paintings themed 'Rai Generation' as his final project on 2nd to 5th of July 2018. The exhibition lasted for 4 days in building A Room 1.2 FCS UB, and it was opened from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. He was very enthusiastic in holding this exhibition.

Children were taken as the inspiration of the paintings. The developmental psychology approach was one of the references to reinforce the idea of the nature and characteristics of children.

The process of creating works with the theme of 'Rai Generation' is done through several stages using the approach proposed by Hawkins, starting from the exploration stage which is the process of exploring the main idea related to ideas or concepts of work, visual form, and creation techniques. The experimentation stage is the process of selecting, considering, and formulating the findings to form a harmonization in the sketch design with the consideration of the shape, composition, color selection, and suitability of techniques and effective media for subsequent applied in the process of formation.

Formation stage is the stage of application of the exploration process and experimentation, which unites ideas, forms and techniques in the form of visualization of painting with the theme of 'Rai Generation' which is packed in an exhibition of painting. Presenting seven paintings with visualization of children can be a media of introspection. Adjusting the scope of exhibition in the academic environment opens educational opportunities which are later developed as a trigger to arouse awareness of adults.

Painting Exhibition
Painting Exhibition

"Rai Generation is a word derived from 'Regeneration' or the turn of a generation, from the old generation to the new generation. In Javanese, the word Rai means face. Therefore, it can be interpreted that Rai Generation is the face of a generation. These faces of generation I took as the language to create paintings. All the paintings here have a meaning contained in each painting. The visualization of these paintings can provide awareness and views of people in general against children. Children are innocence and have a sense of curiosity. The important point is that adults should understand the nature and characteristics of children," Sinwan Aliyafi explained.

The painting process takes about a month for each painting. The seven paintings on display are old and new. They are paintings from 2014, 2017, and 2018. Some of the paintings are inspired by the neighborhood, which are then redrawn and visualized, some are taken from personal experience and past events. The artist who inspired him is Haris Purnomo, because many of his paintings are about children. (Afandi/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB) 



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