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The Rhythm of Art in Tong Edan

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Pameran Karya Seni Bertajuk Tong Edan
Pameran Karya Seni Bertajuk Tong Edan

Tyaga is one of the interdisciplinary arts institutes based in Malang held an exhibition entitled Tong Edan in Bentara Budaya Jakarta. A total of 34 participants consisting of artists and art students display their works consisting of painting, graphic arts and art photography.

5 of the 34 participants who passed the curatorial selection by Kuss Indarto were representatives of the Fine Art Study Program of Faculty of Cultural Studies Universitas Brawijaya, namely Nur Iksan (graphics course lecturer), Sinwan Aliyafi (student of academic year 2011), M. Rizal Herlambang, Rizka Suhita Parasinta and Iqbal Misbahudin who are students of 2017. Nur Iksan and Iqbal present their graphic works while Sinwan, Herlambang and Rizka present their paintings.

Tong Edan as a headline in this exhibition is inspired by amusement rides which is also known as Tong Setan. This entertainment shows motorcyclists performing dangerous attractions, the Tong Edan players spinning on track with cylindrical bar-like walls that are high in circles with an angle of more than 90 °. The faster the vehicle is driven, so players of Tong Edan stick more on the track and hard to fall by the gravity of the earth. Tong Edan game in addition to adrenaline rush on the players, also trigger the adrenaline of each spectator who witnessed.

The exhibition is trying to transform "Tong Edan" into symbols and metaphors into works of art in accordance with the expression and interpretation of each artist. Tong Edan is understood as the creative life of artists which if not maintained artistic rhythm of it, it will be able to fall. This exhibition was opened by Gallerist and art lovers Rahmat Sebastian. (PS.SeniRupa/Afandi/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB) 



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