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Target the PIMNAS 2018 Champion, Brawijaya University Organize PKM Expo

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Brawijaya University principals in PKM UB 2018 exhibition
Brawijaya University principals in PKM UB 2018 exhibition
Around 158 works of Brawijaya University students were presented in an event so-called Students' Creativity Program Products Expo on Saturday (7/Jul/2018) at Rectorate Square. Vice Dean on Student Affairs at Faculty of Agricultural Technology Brawijaya University Yusuf Hendrawan, STP., M.App.Life.Sc., Ph.D explained that the event aimed at strategy towards PIMNAS 2018 preparation which this year is targeted to be the 7th as general champion and the fourth time in a row.

The event is an initial step to introduce students' creativity products towards both Small and Medium Enterprises and publics. "Because it happened to coincide with graduation ceremony, we want to present to parents who took time to attend that Brawijaya University students have creativities in creating innovative products," Yusuf said.

He added, this year Students' Creativity Program of Brawijaya University (PKM UB) obtained 175 titles in five areas, such as PKM in research, PKM in copyrighted works, PKM in entrepreneurship, PKM in technology and PKM in community services. In taking the theme, he confessed to always follow the issues of Sustainable Development Goals.

"We every year always follow popular issues worldwide. That is what we prioritize. For instance in food safety, there are many sterilization products here. Or Appropriate Technology based products such as selling fertilizer applicator," said Head of 2018 PKM UB team.

Of the event, he expected that students' innovative products can be beneficial for the society, industrial world and encouraging students in entrepreneurship. Meanwhile Brawijaya University Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR., MS appreciated the PKM exhibition and confessed to be optimistic for PIMNAS 2018 preparation.

"I expected to prepare maximally so will able to be PIMNAS 2018 champion. The event can also be an indicator of Brawijaya University achievement in realization of World Class University," he added. In line with Rector Nuhfil, Vice Rector III on Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir. Arief Prayitno, MS expected the university can be the champion for the 7th time in PIMNAS 2018 which will be organized in State University of Yogyakarta. [indra/Humas UB/trans. Denok]




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