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Universitas Brawijaya Students analyze Object of Tourism (AOT) Attractiveness in Brau Farm Edu-tourism

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PKM-PSH Team on AOT Brau Analysis
PKM-PSH Team on AOT Brau Analysis
According to United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), tourism is the activity of a person moving from one place to another, usually for the purpose of seeking experience, comfort, tranquility, calm, within a certain time. But in the contemporary paradigm, the concept seems to have undergone a shift. Because the tour now is not interpreted as TIME OUT OF TIME, but has become the routine of today's netizens, one of which is constructed by new media. The industrialization does not only talk about oil/gas and non-oil/gas, but also tourism and non-tourism. People also want to enjoy something different 'distinction' (niche tourism) to increase diversification & depth of meaning of life (challenge).

The request made a number of students of Universitas Brawijaya in the Student Creativity Program of Humanities Social Research (PKM-PSH) which consists of Nurul Rodiyah from Anthropology, Dikau Tondo Prastyo from Development Economics, and Muhammad Yogi Arifky Z from English Language Education under the guidance of the best lecturer, Siti Zurinani, M.A are interested to study about "Analysis of Object of Tourism (AOT) Attractiveness in Brau Farm Edu-tourism as a Left-Behind Village Development Model Based on Community Based Tourism". Farm Edu-Tourism is referred to a cow breeding tourism, considering the main livelihood of Brau is cattle, where cattle population is larger than the population of Brau people. Farm Edu-Tourism is one effort that involves tourist visitors in order to participate in milking cows, processing of cow's milk into various products, biogas processing, and so on.

Considering that, based on the RPJMN 2015-2019, the government hopes that the massive development of tourism will not only affect the social and cultural changes of the people. Much more than that, the government hopes the goal of opening wider tourism access can provide welfare to the local people of the tourist destination.

The influence of telecommunication, transportation, policy of Batu Tourism City and branding of Shining Batu make people of Brau literate and conscious of tourism. The residents of Brau Atas village, try to open a community-based tourism, namely Goa Pandawa which is famous for its natural beauty. Goa Pandawa tourism is one type of special interest tourism. So local residents strongly reject the investors from outside Brau Village who want to invest or who want to deploy his workforce in Goa Pandawa.

The residents of Brau Bawah also work with cooperatives and forestry in developing Goa Pinus Tour in which there is a typical custom house of Papua (Honai House made of reeds). Residents also continue to be active in developing existing spots, as well as creating a new tourist spot that is instagramable to meet the demand for the crisis of youth existence when faced with the camera (so citizens are responsive to the phenomenon of selfie tourism).

Not only satisfied with the two tourist destinations (Goa Pandawa and Goa Pinus), residents of Brau Village also wishes that the livestock tourism can also develop in the village. So, Brau residents hope that visitors who come not only for picnic can also get something from visiting the hamlet. But the villagers realize the farm tourism is still limited because there is no resident who are able to concept and initiate the model of the development of the cattle tourist village for Brau Village. Therefore, the authors recommend the module for development of mapping tour of livestock education and farm edutourism, which can later be recommended to the Department of Tourism and Batu City Government as the design or pioneering model of suburban village development (left-behind) in improving regional economic independence as one of the pillars in realizing the universal village movement and sharing economy. Considering the location of Brau Village is near to popular tourist attractions such as Paragliding, Rabbit Park, and Omah Kayu. In addition, the existence of cooperatives are also tasked to connect with investors who want to breed the cows, so that the abundant cattle population also encourages the amount of cow milk produced that can be used as a culinary tour package. So based on SWOT analysis, it shows that tourism object of edu farm-tourism has been on the right track and feasible to be applied by continuing to do development strategy (growth) as tourism potency. (PKM-PSH/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)




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