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Brawijaya University Students Create Water Quality Controller of Shrimp Ponds

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MS IP PRO Berbasis Internet Of Thing
MS IP PRO Berbasis Internet Of Thing
Vannamei Shrimp aquaculture has constraints that is production failure due to bad water quality during cultivation, especially in intensive ponds.

Bas water quality causes vannamei has potential disease, such as White Feces Disease. The disease in Vannamei shrimp causes decreased appetite so as impact on slow growth. If the disease is allowed, then it causes death on vannamei shrimp cultivation.

Based on the problems above, five Brawijaya University students namely Annurfitri Febrianti (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science '16), Anis Miftachurrochmah (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science '16), Ammar Waliyudin Jannah (Faculty of Computer Science '16), Yudi Muliawan (Faculty of Computer Science '16) and Albin Adyaksa Sabil (Faculty of Engineering '14) created a solution through MS IP PRO (monitoring System with Integrated Parameter Program). MS IP PRO is IOT (Internet of Things) based shrimp aquaculture technology which can help shrimp farmers in monitoring pond water quality in real time and able to regulate and analyze measurement data in digital format. The device to be applied to the partner ponds will measure parameter of water quality in the ponds which are including temperatures and pond's pH measurement.

Ammar mentioned that in measuring parameters of temperature and pH, the device will scan temperature and pH sensors which are placed inside the pond water. The data are then accepted by Arduino which will give orders in related to the program made before. The programs are including orders namely if the temperature data to be obtained are not in range of 28-30 °C then the water wheel is turned on and if pH to be obtained is not in range of 7-8,5 then the water pump is turned on to move water from the shelter pool into the aquaculture pond.

As long as the command is executed then Arduino is remained to process the data from each of the sensor in order to discontinue command if the data in measurement is already appropriate. Data of the measurement result will be stored in database that can be accessed via monitor or smartphone which is connected into the internet network.

The applied technology has obtained funding from Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education because it had passed funding in Student's Creativity Program on technology application (PKM T) in 2018. [**/Humas UB/trans. Denok]






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