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Inauguration of the Greater Malang IKA UB Administrators

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Inauguration of administrators of IKA UB of the greater Malang
Inauguration of administrators of IKA UB of the greater Malang
Ramadhan is a special month for Moslems in the world. The moment is used by Presidium of Brawijaya University Alumni Association (IKA UB) to inaugurate its administrators in Greater Malang on Monday (04/Jun/2018).

IKA UB's General Secretary of Presidium Ir. Soelasno Lasmono, M.Sc in his remarks delivered that the organization is a serving organization. "IKA UB is one of the most that can not provide its contribution to the nation and state. I hope the administrators can run the mandate and keeping the good name of alma mater," he said.

Similar expectation was also delivered by Chairman of IKA UB of the Greater Malang "we expressed our gratitude for the invitees who would to come, supporting IKA UB presidium and regional administrators of IKA UB East Java province. Hopefully the administrators can keep contribution of IKA UB of the Greater Malang," said Dr. Susianto, SH., M.Hum., CLA.

At the event titled Social Charity and Ifthar for 100 orphans, some orphanages who attended were such as from female orphanage of Aisiyah, Sunan Ampel Orphanage, Nurul Jadid Orphanage, An-Nur Orphanage, as well as Taqwa Al-Qolbi Orphanage.

Also attended in the event were Vice Rector IV of Brawijaya University Dr. Ir. Moch. Sasmito Djati, M.S as well as Head of IKA UB East Java Ir. H. Maskur, MM. Maskur himself has encouraged the administrator refinement of IKA UB of the Greater Malang thus they can exist again and give contribution to Brawijaya University and the society. Hopefully, IKA UB of the Greater Malang could be easier to socialize the function of alumni association in implementing Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi moreover in the Greater Malang area.

Names of administrators at IKA UB of the Greater Malang are: the Chairman: Dr. Susianto, SH., M.Hum., CLA, Daily Chairman: Ir. Rachmad Santoso, Vice Chairman: dr. Canggih Sakina Hans, SH., MBA, Secretary: Suroto, S.TP., Secretary II: Auriga Sain, SH., MM, Treasurer: Nyu Mega Arie Puji U., SP., Treasurer II: Lelly Sri Febrianti, SE.

Meanwhile Head of Each Section are: Head of Education: Dinar Hana SW., ST., MT, Head of Economy and Partnership: M. Yusda Asmorokondi, SE., MM., Head of Information and Communication: Doni Ekoprilawanto, ST, Head of Community Empowerment: Suharno, S.TP., Head of Research and Development: dr. Muhammad Khairani, Head of Advocacy, Legal and Human Rights: Andy Ilham Hakim, S.IP., M.IP., Head of Social and Culture: dr. Hega Rahmantya, Head of Economy and Development: Alvan Rahmatullah, S.Ap., Head of Organization: Galuh Alamsyah, SE., Head of Employment: Hari Wijayanto, S.Sos., MM and Head of Community Technology Development: Arifudin, S.TP. [IKA/vicky/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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