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3 in 1 Program: Visiting Indian and Malaysian Professors at Agro-Industrial Technology Department

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GUest lecture by Prof. Natarajan Panchanatham at TIP
GUest lecture by Prof. Natarajan Panchanatham at TIP
In 2018 Brawijaya University released its educational program in order to upgrade its international reputation known as 3 in 1 program. In the program, three lecturer components namely Brawijaya University internal lecturer, a visiting professor and lecturer of industry practitioners were collaborated as a teaching team in a course. The main activity of this teaching team in 3 in 1 program is having a learning process in the classroom and/or in the laboratory in accordance with the course syllabus. This year Brawijaya University funded 76 courses within the 3 in 1 program from 14 faculties and postgraduate program at Brawijaya University.

Head of Study Program of Agro-Industrial Technology at Faculty of Agricultural Technology Brawijaya University Sri Suhartini, STP., M.Env.Mgt., PhD explained that her department's achievements are increasingly brilliant. Its indicators are the election of two courses as a pilot including Human Resources management as well as Information System and Technology. Team teaching of Human Resources Management are including Riska Septifani, S.TP., MP (a lecturer at Agro-Industrial Technology Brawijaya University), Dr. Panji Deoranto, S.TP., MP (a lecturer at Agro-Industrial Technology Brawijaya University), Prof. Natarajan Panchanatham (a lecturer at Annamalai University, India) and Niko Dwi Supri Atmoko, S.TP (industry practitioner at PT. Suntory Garuda Beverage Sidoarjo). While teaching team for Information Technology and System consisted of Mas'ud Effendi, S.TP., MP (a lecturer at Agro-Industrial Technology Brawijaya University), Miftakhurrizal Kurniawan, S.T., MT (a lecturer at Agro-Industrial Technology Brawijaya University), Dr. Fakhrul Zaman Rokhani (a lecturer at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia) and Daniel Oscar Baskoro, S.Kom (Industry practitioner). The 3 in 1 program of both courses were taught in the second semester of 2017/2018, precisely starts from April-May 2018.

In addition to learning activities, other additional activities are also conducted by overseas lecturer team. The event was including improvement of course and RPS (Semester Teaching Planning), International Guest Lecture, Agro-industrial visit to Malang and Batu, International Workshop (on research activities, research sharing, publishing sharing in international journals, culture sharing, etc), discussion on research collaboration potential as well as student and lecturer exchange (inbound and outbound), as well as cultural visit.

3 in 1 program at Agro-industrial Technology Department
3 in 1 program at Agro-industrial Technology Department
In the agro-industrial visit, for instance, Prof. Natarajan Panchanatham visited several Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) such as UKM Keripik Tempe Bu Noer (Malang), UKM Marning Jagung Firdaus (Malang) and UKM Sari Apel Bagus Agriseta. Prof. Panch mentioned, "products which are processed traditionally and produced by Small and Medium Enterprises in India have higher selling price compared with factory products because Indians consider that consuming traditional products is healthier and has a distinctive taste". However, it is different from the condition of small and medium enterprises products in Indonesia which is averagely has lower selling price when compared with factory products.

Other activities that no less interesting was an international guest lecture which was organized on 16 May 2018 at second floor of building F Faculty of Agricultural Technology. A duet of international visiting professor namely Prof. Natarajan Panchanatham and Dr. Fakhrul Zaman Rokhani was attended by 150 undergraduate and postgraduate students of Agro-Industrial Technology Department. In the event, Prof. Panch talked about Creativity for Entrepreneur, while Dr. fakhrul delivered a presentation about Industry Revolution 4.0. The event was opened with an address from Head of Agro-Industrial Program Sri Suhartini, PhD. She expected the guest lecture will provide broader knowledge to the students related to industry revolution and how important creativity for entrepreneurs.

In his exposure, Prof. Panch delivered that an entrepreneur's main key is creating something new by using the existing opportunity.

Meanwhile Dr. Fakhrul in his exposure delivered that industry revolution 4.0 is the latest trend in industry that use computer technology thus can optimize as well as simplify supply chain in an industry. The interesting presentation invited many questions from students. In addition, the presentation delivered by both visiting professors is very relevant with the department's focus to be the pioneer in creative industry initiation that combine technopreneurship, agro-industry reinforcement, downstream program, and environmental-friendly. [Sri/Humas UB/trans. Denok]









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